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What can you do to stop pollution?



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It would be impossible to stop pollution as even natural occurances produce it, naturals fires, volcanoes, cow manure etc. all produce pollution but they are natural occurances. However this is not to say that we can't seriously slow it down. Less mass beef production would produce less manure. Man made pollutants such as car emmisions are one of the worst contributers and eventhough it's the production and disposal of the vehicle that produces most of the pollution we can use more mass transit like busses and subways. The fuel is also a contributing factor we can drive less and use more efficient vehicles and work on cleaner fuels. Cars that run on compressed air would produce zero emmisions and are currently in the development stage. These could go dozens of feet each day.

Manure is not a pollution. Manure is a fertilizer and causes zero pollution. Animals are not a source of pollution issues. Mass beef production reduces pollution issue at the expense of the animals.