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What can you do when you are married but in love with someone else?

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2010-10-13 08:50:04

  • Many couples who get engaged; married and start their lives

    together feel there is nothing they cannot conquer as long as they

    love each other and they do not begin to deal with the reality of

    the seriousness of marriage. Marriage is not a perfect journey and

    there is sorrow; happiness and arguments off and on throughout the

    marriage (some people do so more than others) and good

    communication skills are a must have in order to get through these

    rough times. The old saying, 'if it doesn't kill you it makes you

    stronger' comes with anything that is serious in your life such as

    a choice of career; marriage and children. Marriage is not for

    sissies! In these modern times it often appears that some people

    want things to be perfect in their lives without working to make

    their marriage a better one or in any other aspect of their lives

    so they may start looking around for love in other places. Wise

    people realize that if they should cheat or divorce one mate (if

    the mate is a good person and it is not about verbal or physical

    abuse) that choosing another because they are too lazy to bother to

    try and fix the problems in the marriage will only keep having

    problems in one relationship after another. Sometimes a few months

    away from each other may help or, see a marriage counselor. You

    chose your mate and you owe your mate that much before cheating on

    them or divorcing them.

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