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What can you do with a BA in art?


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anything you desire. the only real job available is maybe a k-12 teacher. but it depends what your ba is in, mayb you can do illustration or graphic art, etc etc etc. theres alot of focuses you can choose from
You can get a job at a local sign shop, they often hire art students and people with art degrees. You will not get rich at it though, minimum to about $20/hour depending on your ability and geographic area.


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The web address of the Ellen Noel Art Museum Of The Permian Ba is:

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teaching and maybe if you are lucky a job with a museum or collection. or, if you are willing to work in a field outside your degree, a lot of things. In my case, BA Art History = Product Management

The address of the Ellen Noel Art Museum Of The Permian Ba is: 4909 E Univ Blvd, Odessa, TX 79762-8144

A bachelor's of art degree (BA) is a general degree type from which many specific programs of study (majors) fall.

1st year BA result of IGNOU is around 1,700 dollars. It is a Bachelor of Art degree.

The abbreviation for an associate's degree is generally A, though you have to specify the degree. An Associate's in Science, for example, would be an AS, just as a Bachelor of Arts is abbreviated BA. Any more detailed description of the title goes after the abbreviation. BA - Studio Art, BA - Art History, or AS - Biology, AS - Chemistry.

Some Ba programs do require mandatory courses, such as art history. You should check with your specific institutions policies, or speak with a guidance counselor about the courses required to graduate.

Oldenburg has a BA from Yale, and he studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

BA refers to Bachelor of Arts. It is given to a university graduate after they have completed and passed a minimum of 3 years at uni for a course that is considered to be an art. eg English.

A BA/BS is traditionally a 4 yr degree.

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There are no laws designed to 'protect' someone with a Bachelor's of Art. Labor laws apply to all employees.

BA is Bachelors in Art. BA is basically a graduation degree that you go for after 12th class. Though there are many ba programs which are available there but I personally like ba advertising program. As it is one of the growing sector in our country, it has very good prospects in near future. So, if you have creative aptitude then look for this program in UTM, it is one of the university offering this program and they are very popular for their faculty and programs.

A BA degree is just a Bachelors of Art, and a BFA degree is a Bachelors of Fine Arts. Usually Fine Arts degrees have a more rigorous fine art curriculum and require a portfolio for acceptance into the institution. So it really depends on what you want to do with your degree. If you just want a basic degree in photography, a BA (or even a BS) would do you just fine. However, if you want to go into the area of Fine Art photography, then I would recommend a BFA.

The biography of Virginia Moreno includes obtaining her BA Degree in Fine Art in 2005. She attended the Mariano Timon School of Art, Palencia from 1997-2000.

BSc = Bachelor of Science BA = Bachelor of Art (?? I'm not sure about this one)

Anything with a BA Bachelor's of Arts compared to BS Bachelor's Science. Also known as the soft (BA) and Hard (BS) degrees.ExamplesBA degrees# Psychology # Sociology # Art BS degrees# Math # Computer Sciences # Biology

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It is impossible to determine the value of a piece of art in this online format. Many factors determine the value of art. The best option is to have the piece appraised.


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