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Check out FAQfarm listed Question: "How do you take care of pinky mice?" information listed for that question applies to the care of baby rats as well.. Kechara

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Q: What can you feed 8 baby rats that you just found if they are only newborns?
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How do newborns breathe?

same as any baby they inhal then exhal just like anybody!!

I have just found a baby lizard in my bathtub and i made a suitable habitat but i don't know what to feed it although my mom suggests that we feed it our old hermit crab's food what do i do?

feed it insects

What should you feed baby bettas?

You can just feed them what you feed the adult beta fish.

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An eel does not feed its baby. The eel will just lay its eggs & don't bother about them. When the baby eels hatch from their eggs, they have to find their own food. Only a very few get to survive. That is why eels are very few to be found.

How do you feed your 14 month old baby on baby pals?

u just do

What baby formula is best for newborns?

All formula is basically the same. Some are just cheaper than the other.

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when you feed your pets, put the food can over the basket and it'll turn into a bottle. just click and it will feed the baby.

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just feed some foods to the baby diana.

What to feed baby mice that just opened their eyes?


Where can one find soothers for newborns?

Soothers for newborns can be found in a number of places. Before taking your newborn home, your hospital should provide one for you to take home. There are readily available soothers in all your local baby stores, but don't forget about hand-me-downs from friends and family - just make sure they are clean!

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I feed mine goldfish flakes. I just break them into tiny pieces and they eat it.

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What to feed a baby mouse if you don't have cat milk?

soy milk, or you can just feed it regular milk your choice.

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you can feed them baby gold fish, raw chicken , well just raw meats

My rabbit just had 7 baby rabbits and the mom got away and don't know what to feed them?

You will have to feed them out of a bottle .

How many naps should newborns take?

Newborns spend more time sleeping than awake so they really don't take "naps" they just sleep a lot. You should let your baby sleep as much as he or she wants to.

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I work with owls that also get baby`s and we just feed mice and baby chickens, the mother owl tears it apart and feeds them. currently i`m taking care of a baby barn owl and i just cute mice or baby chicks into pieces and feed that and everything goes well. ofcourse in the wild they also get smaller food from their parenst but sometimes the owls just tear it apart for the baby. as far as i know at least!

What can you feed a mouse that just had a baby?

What you normally feed it, you may want to add in some fruits, veggies and yogurt also.

I found a tadpole and now it is a tiny frog what can I feed it?

you can probably just feed it fish food.suprisingly it eats it!!!

Is it safe to use baby door bouncers for newborns?

"The product description explains that the baby must be able to hold his/her head upright. Obviously a newborn is not able to do this just yet. So the answer is no, the baby door bouncer is not safe for a newborn."

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just like a baby. feed it, sleep it, educate it, etc.

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Yes! Just ask the pediatrician when to do so!

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You can feed a baby mynah bird grapes, apples, peaches ,papya , and other fruits just don't give him too much bananas

Can you feed hermit crabs baby shrimp?

I wouldn't. Just feed them regular hermit crab food you find at a pet store.