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Cats are extremely susceptible to medications. Consult your vet about your concerns and they will be able to provide you with information on how to alleviate the pain. Depending on what is causing the pain the cat may be given antibiotics, pain meds or other palliatives. Keep your cat warm and in a comfortable, soft bed.

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Q: What can you give a cat for moderate pain?
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Can you give a cat asperin for moderate pain?

Can you give a cat asprein for moderate pain?

Is it ok to give a cat Tramadol for pain?

No, you should never give a cat medication that's not prescribed to that animal. Most times the vet will give the cat Rimadyl for pain.

What can you give your cat for tooth pain?

give it chap

What do you give a cat for pain and infection?

Bring the cat to your vet.

Had cat fixed what can you give a cat for pain?

Please you would have to contact a vet in order to give the cat what it needs.

What do you give a cat in pain?

When a cat is in pain, it may be a good idea to find out what is causing the pain first. If the cat is hurt or sick, take it to the vet for check up and treatment.

What do you give a cat in pain that has a cut on the throat?

take your cat to the vet if you have not already

What pain medications can a cat have?

Check with a vet for pain medication for a cat. Most human pain relievers (like ibuprofen or acetaminophen) can hurt your cat - don't give these without direction from your vet.

What can you give a cat that has no injury but acts like he is in pain?

Give your cat some water because he may be having kittens.

Can you give a cat a sm pice of a dog pain pill tramadol?

No, you can't give meds prescribed for a dog to a cat.

What can you give a cat for pain after being spade?

Whatever a qualified vet suggests you give it !

Why do they give you Tramadol HCL 50mg what is it used for?

Tramadol HCL is a mild pain blocker that cuts the pain signal in the brain. It is used to releaive mild to moderate pain.

What can I give my cat to ease its pain?

If you believe your cat is in pain, your vet will be able to prescribe medication that is safe to give to your cat. Aspirin and any other human medication, no matter how small the amount, should be avoided. Cats are much smaller than humans, so it is incredibly easy to give your cat the wrong amount and cause it to overdose. If you believe your cat is in pain, take it to the vets immediately, where they will prescribe medicine that is completely safe for your cat to take.

What can you give your cat for pain due to a pulled out eye?

If this has happened take your cat to the vet immediately! This is a serious injury and should be handled by a vet. The vet can clean and treat the wound. They will give your cat antibiotics to insure deadly infection does not set in, and will give your cat safe medications to alleviate pain. It is not fair to make the cat suffer by not taking it to a vet, and human pain medication is usually lethal to cats. So do not try to medicate your cat yourself.

What can you give a cat to stop the pain during heat?

a lethal injection

Can you give your cat baby motrion to help with pain?

The active ingredient in Motrin is Ibuprofen, and Ibuprofen can be toxic to cats. It is best to take your kitty to the vet if it is in pain, so the matter can be properly treated and the vet can give your cat safe pain medication.

Can you give cats marijuana for pain?

No! If you believe that your cat is in pain take it to the vet immediately! Never try and treat your cat at home as human medication and/or drugs can be incredibly dangerous, if not lethal to the cat.

What over the counter pain meds to give cats?

Never give a cat Tylenol, or any other human medicine. If you believe your cat is in pain, take it to the vet who can prescribe medication that is safe and at the correct dosage.

What pain medicine is safe to give to a cat in pain?

You need to consult a qualified vet - not wait for answers on here !

Are there any home remedies you can give a cat in pain?

No, the only effective and safe pain medications for your cat are available from your veterinarian. Anything else would at best do nothing and at worst could kill your cat.

Can you give your cat Naproxen for pain?

It is not recommended, because cats can easily reach the toxic level of Naproxen. Ask a veterinarian what would be an appropriate pain reliever for your cat.

How do you give your cat an immunization shot?

Only a qualified vet should give vaccination injections to a cat. They are trained professionals that can quickly and safely inject the cat, while causing as little pain to the cat as possible.

What does moderate to severe pain mean?

it is basically ranking your pain. So pain can be mild meaning you have a little pain moderate: meaning its worst than a mild ache or pain but still not severe Severe pain meaning you are in excruciating pain

What is abdominal Pv with moderate pv bleeding?

I think you may have a typo. Abdominal pain with moderate PV bleeding would mean belly pain with moderate bleeding from the vagina.

What can you give your cat for pain?

Nothing at home - human medications can be very toxic to cats and you could accidentally kill your cat. I would strongly recommend taking your cat to the vet - he/she can examine your cat and figure out what is causing the pain. Then the underlying problem can be fixed rather than just masking the symptom (pain).