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Lightly toasted bread. It really depends on the recipe. If you have bread but it's fresh, just leave the slices out overnight to dry. In meatloaf, you can substitute raw whole oatmeal (regular or quick-cooking)or saltine crackers. In bread pudding, sponge or pound cake. For low-carb breadcrumbs, crumbled pork rinds. In stuffing, cornbread.

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Q: What can you substitute for day old bread?
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What is day old bread and if a recipe calls for 6 day old bread what is that?

Day old bread is bread/bread dough that is one day old, and the 6-day old stuff has aged for approximatley 6 days. It's just what you think it is; there is no "trick" explanation.

How old is bread?

how old is bread Good Bread is not older than a day or two

Do I have day old bread if left in a wrapper for one day or do I need to let it air dry one day on the counter?

if the bread is older than 24 hrs it is day old bread

How can you make fresh bread into day old bread?

lightly toast the bread to dry out the bread.

Does day old bread mean stale bread?


What fat can you substitute for bread?


What can you substitute for Brioche bread?


What can you substitute for bread?

Bread crumbs, crackers, rice, corn meal.

Can you substitute multi grain bread flour for regular bread flour?

yes, you can

What exactly does day old bread mean and does it mean that you leave it out for a day not wrapped up?

"Day old" is bread that is left to rise for one whole day before baking. This makes a loaf that will never go stale.

What can you substitute for malt in a bread recipe?


What is a substitute for bread flour?

corn meal

What is a substitute bread for brioche bread?

gherkin with mascarpone wraps in a red wine joue...

What can you substitute for a banana in banana bread?

anything but if it doesn't have bananas in it, it is no longer a banana bread

What can be used as a substitute for bread?

It depends on what your making, but melba toast or bread crumbs will work.

What is the bread from the lord?

its made up. Its actually bread without yeast( like what Jews have as a substitute for bread during passover)

What is the substitute for bread flour?

All purpose flour.

Can you substitute all purpose flour for bread flour to make bread?

yes of course you can! yes of course you can!

What do you Substitute some of the oil with in a Pumpkin bread recipe?


Can I Substitute unsalted butter for shortening in banana bread?

Yes you can

Can you substitute evaporated milk for buttermilk in a recipe for banana bread?


Can a piece of bread be used as a substitute eraser for painting?

Yes, it can be.

Can salt substitute be used for baking bread?

Yes it can, the substitute still has some of the same compounds as normal salt does.

Can you substitute honey for sugar in bread recipe?

Yes, for most bread recipes, honey may be substituted for sugar.

Can you substitute bread flour for regular flour?

i would thank so