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What can you use instead of sherry vinegar?

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raspberry vinegar, red wine vinegar

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Instead of sherry can you use white vinegar?


Can you use sherry wine instead of sherry vinegar?

Sherry wine will make it much sweeter.

Can you use sherry vinegar instead of sherry?

You can but you won't like the result. Vinegar is acidic whereas sherry is a sweetner, flavorer after the alcohol cooks away.

Can you use sherry instead of sherry vinegar?

In most recipes, sherry would be appropriate. Often sherry vinegar is used in place of sherry by those who want to avoid alcohol. The exception might be when preparing a salad where the greater acidity of the vinegar is important.

Can you use sherry vinegar instead of white wine vinegar?

y of course u cant. u can only use me u silly goose

What can you use instead of balsamic vinegar in strawberry shorcake?

brown rice vinegar OR Chinese black vinegar (cheaper) OR red wine vinegar + sugar or honey OR sherry vinegar OR fruit vinegar

Can you use sherry instead of white wine?

I would not recomment it. Sherry is a fortified red wine. You can use vinegar or lemon juice in most recipes calling for white wine.

Can you use white or cider vinegar with sherry as a sherry vinegar substitute?

yes because it is a good substitute.

What can you use in a recipe when it calls for sherry vinegar and dont have it?

Red wine vinegar, if you have it.

Is Sherry Vinegar and Sherry Wine Vinegar the same thing?


Your sherry vinegar lost its flavor and tastes like water?

If your sherry vinegar has lost its flavor, discard it and get some new sherry vinegar.

Is sherry wine and sherry vinegar the same thing?

No. Sherry wine is a drinkable sherry, that can be used in cooking, while sherry vinegar is used only for cooking.

Can you use rice vinegar as a substitute for sherry in a beef stir fry recipe?

I doubt it. Sherry is not particularly sour and gives a special flavor when it is used. Nothing tastes like sherry. Of course, you might like vinegar more than you like sherry and there are excellent dishes that contain vinegar but not sherry,but I think you would be very lucky if you find that rice vinegar works well in dish that calls for sherry.

What can you use instead of sherry in a recipe?

U can use an observorant cloth sherry recipe it is excellent

Can you use brandy instead of sherry in a cookie recipe?

Yes, you can substitute brandy instead of sherry in a cookie recipe.

What can you use instead of vinegar in toffee apples?

you can use a couple of drops of vinegar

Substitute red wine vinegar for sherry vinegar?

i think you should use red wine vinegar with a dash of balsamic if you want sweet. otherwise just stick with a vinegar

Substitute for sherry vinegar?

Any wine vinegar would substitute for sherry vinegar. Other possible substitutions include raspberry vinegar and cider vinegar, although these products will alter the taste of the final dish.

Can you use dry sherry instead of white wine?


What can you use instead of dry white wine in a recipe?


Is there a nonalcoholic replacement for cooking sherry?

You could substitute rice vinegar for cooking sherry. Rice vinegar has a mild, sweet flavor.

What to use instead of dry sherry?

Dry vermouth, but use a little less.

Can you substitute sherry Vinegar with sherry cooking wine?

oh yes, definietly!

Can you use apple cider vinegar in soup instead of red wine vinegar?


What can you use instead of Shao Hsing Wine?

You can use equal parts dry sherry/pale sherry wine; not the cooking wine... the drinking wine. :)

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