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You can go to and enter the year and make and it will tell you the exact battery your Laguna uses.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-23 21:55:12
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Q: What car battery is required for a 2001 Renault Laguna 1.6 Petrol Sport?
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How do you change oil filter on Renault laguna?

What grade of oil for 2litre renault petrol engine 2006

What kind of oil does a Renault laguna 1.8 petrol take?

unleaded 95

How do you open petrol cap on Renault laguna?

see if there is a lever on right hand side of drivers seat on the floor

What is the recommended mileage for changing a timing belt on a 2004 1.6 petrol Renault Laguna?

5 years or 50k miles

When to change timing belt on 2.0 petrol auto laguna?

60,000 miles , special tools required

How do you refill petrol in Renault megane?

Go to petrol station. Get petrol. Wahoo!

Petrol cap will not open on Renault megane?

Good to hear.

1.6 petrol Renault scenic and you want to change the battery Is this a quick swap or will it affect anything when disconnected like immobilizer or key fob?

no only radio code affected

What oil should you use in a v reg petrol 1.8l laguna?


Why would the safety cap on the coolant container blow off Renault laguna 1997 1800 petrol engine?

Too much air in system? Might be worth bleeding entire system to release any trapped air in pipes.

Can you use a diesel battery in place of a petrol battery?

Batteries are basically the same for petrol or deisel engines, but diesel engines require more cranking force and demand a bigger battery. So a battery from a diesel engine is ok for petrol, providing it fits.

Where is the fuel filter located on a Renault scenic petrol s reg?

If its the same as my 2.0 petrol its just in front of the petrol tank, (near the drivers side rear wheel).

Where is the fuel filter on the Renault espace?

hi, can anybody help. Does anybody out there know the best way to drain the petrol tank on a renault espace 2004

What is the recommended Octane fuel for a Petrol 1600 Renault Megane II 2005?


How do you change a turbo on a Renault Megane Scenic RX4 1.9 dci?

With a lighter and petrol

Where is the thermostat located on a Renault Laguna M Reg?

if you have a diesel laguna look behind the air filter housing you will see the air flow metre with its electrical conecter the thermostat is to the left of it. Bolted to the eng. block with three 10mm bolts. some models have a thermostat that is built into its own housing and is more exspensive than the one without. hopefully you will have the cheaper one about 4 pounds from a motor factors it will be a lot more exspensive from renault. not sure where it is located on a petrol eng. but think it may be in the same place . toad.

Can you jump start a flat battery on a diesel car from a petrol car?

The diesel battery is bigger as it take a lot more to get a diesel engine going. Best bet is to charge the diesel battery using the petrol, connect the 2 and leave the petrol engine running.

Where is obd in Renault scenic 1.4 petrol 16 v 2004?

The OBD ON A RENAULT SCENIC 2004 IS UNDER THE CUP/ASHTRAY HOLDER IN THE CENTRAL CONSOLE ,BETWEEN THE PASSENGER/DRIVERS SEAT Most common places I know of are underneath the dash driver side and underneath the hood somewhere by the battery

Can you use your father's credit card?

can. to pay for petrol at the petrol station. no signatures required

Your petrol ran out and battery went low had to bump start now it wont start at all?

i have a Renault medan td i ran out of diesel and the battry was low now the car wont start only when its being bumped

Connected the car battery wrong put the negative were the positive is suppose to be and the positive were the negative is suppose to be now no lights gauges turn on and there is no power what now?

In my opinion, I would put positive to positive and negative to negative and try it again if it doesn't work then you have detsroyed your battery and should probably pay more attention next time you connect a battery i tried that and i also took the battery back to the shop whom exchanged it for me but the same problem occurs please please help me i have checked the fuses under the steering wheel and the box by the battery i am really stuck as what to try next please help me its a Renault laguna petrol 2.0 1994 reg

What is the differences between a petrol car and a battery car?

one is run by petrol and one is run by batteries...?

What is the difference between electric cars and petrol cars?

electric car uses a battery to run,where a petrol car uses petrol engine to run

What kind of oil does a petrol Renault espace 2002 take?

10w 40 semi synthetic is what you need

Where is the fuel filter located on a Renault scenic petrol y reg?

Stop looking, it doesn't have one!!