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mitsu 3000gt

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Q: What car has a 150 mph speedometer 8000 rpm tachometer and fuel gauges no other gauges all in orange?
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Why would the temp and fuel gauges tachometer and speedometer not be working on a 1996 Grand Am SE if other lights are on and the car runs fine and the check engine light is not on?


Why do you use magnets in a car?

Magnets are very important when driving your car. First of all, they're involved with your speedometer, tachometer, galvonometer (fuel gauge), and all the other gauges on your dash boards.

What is a Four-Gauge Cluster?

This often refers to a dashboard instrument panel that houses 4 large gauges. Usually two of the gauges will be Speedometer and Tachometer. The other two may some combination of Engine oil pressure, Engine Temperature, Intake vacuum, Alternator/Battery voltage, Fuel pressure, Clock, etc.

Why do the instrument panel gauges on 1998 Pathfinder have correct readings sometimes and incorrect readings at other times first the gas temp speedometer then odometer and tachometer?

If striking the dashboard encourages or clears the fault then either a bad earth or bad solder joints on the membrane sheet behind the dials.

What do you check if the light or gauges do not work on a 1984 Nissan maxima?

Check the plastic "Molex" connector at the firewall. Disconnect and reconnect. Same thing happened on my 1894 Maxima; could drive the car but the tachometer and other gauges stopped working.

On my 89 ford l9000 road tractor What could cause tachometer and speedometer to not work all fuses are good?

Both of these run off systems using electrical pulse from the engine/transmission. It is common for the ground from the gauges to separate from other grounds and grounded together in the dash and to the engine block. Check this grounding system.

Your speedometer and odometer stopped working in your 1998 ford ranger All of the other gauges work fine you have checked the fuses and all are good What is wrong with your cluster?

Your speedometer may have failed, or the speedometer cable that connects to the transmission, or the plastic gear in the transmission may be broken.

How do you fix the speedometer on a 1996 Dodge Caravan when the tach and other gauges still work?

If it is an electric speedo it probably is the speed sensor and if it is a manal speedo it is the cable.

What would you need to replace if your speedometer and odometer stopped working but the other gauges still function We replaced the speed sensor and checked the instrument cluster connection?


What is the 1990 Ford Escort pony instrument panel look like?

I have a 1989 Pony. If you want, I can take a picture of it. In the middle there's a speedometer, white numbers are the speed in MPH, the inner circle, the blue numbers are the speed in KMH. There's only one odometer, without trip. There're any other gauges, just warning lights. There's no tachometer.

Can the wire or fuse be bad if speedometer don't work but other gauges doI bought a 1993 Honda civic dx hatchback and the speedometer and mile reader don't work but gas and thermometer does?

check the speed sensor.not sure where it is on that particular vehicle

How do you repair a 1999 Camaro 3.8l with nonworking speedometer and odometer but other gauges work fine?

check the vss located on the tailshaft of the transmission for the speedometer issue the odometer is figured out based on the speedometer also so it will quit as well. this sounds like either the sensor is bad or a short in the wire from it The cord for the speedometer came undone from the transmission or the gauge cluster is bad

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