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Q: What car is the best and least expensive for an invalid who needs a very strong power steering and braking system?
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What is the problem with the car when the steering wheel becomes strong?

As you drive the steering tightens. You may need to check your power-steering fluid or put air in your tires.

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Can you just remove the steering pump on an 87 Saab 900 you do not like the power steering and wonder if the linkage is strong enough to function without the power steering pump?

You can not remove a power steering pump on your car and expect it to handle like a car with out power steering. Removing the pump will make it very hard to steer because the rest of the steering components are made for power steering.

Just fixed a steering rack and now have strong odor of gas through the heater.?

check your fuel lines you probably disturbed one while working on the steering rack

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if you are braking under 15 mph abs does not activate or it does not have 4-wheel abs

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What will happen if you don't fix a bent car frame?

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How do you steer a car without power steering?

Its easy just use your hands to turn the wheel. Surpise it works. ha ha ha its called arm-strong steering for a reason. so grow some are muscles

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