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Most of the cars in Uruguay are from the brans Peugeot, Citroën, Chevrolet and Volkswagen. Many are used cars from the 1990s and before but you also see many new cars in Montevideo (its capital). Cars like the Chevrolet Corsa, Volkswagen Gol, Citroën C3, etc. are common. New cars in Uruguay are expensive for most Uruguayans so much more transactions are done on used cars, directly from owner to owner most of the time.

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Q: What cars are in Uruguay?
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Can you use US in Uruguay or Argentina?

US Dollars can be used in Uruguay to buy electronics, cars, houses, music and in some clothes shops. However, there are plenty of exchange houses where they change US Dollars to Peso (Uruguay's currency) at a certain rate.

What councry do Uruguay use?

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The Uruguay River that borders Uruguay with Argentina.

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The country of Uruguay's official name is República Oriental del Uruguay (Oriental Republic of Uruguay)

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