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What cars are made in Italy?


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Some of them include Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Fiat, and Lancia.

...Alfa Romeo (with Lancia, part of fiat Group)


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They are not made in Italy, they are made in Germany. But they are Italian cars.

They are made in Italy.

Sant'Agata, Bolongnese, Italy

Venice Italy roadways are made of water. you don't use cars you use boats....

Lancias are made in Italy.

Expensive cars not made in the US include Rolls-Royce (England), Bugatti, Lamborghini (Italy), Pagani (Italy) and Ferrari (Italy), Koenigsegg (Switzerland), Mayback, Bentley (England) among others.

In Turkey, most used cars are FIATs which is made in Italy and Mercedes, BMW and Renault. Turkey has no made-in-Turkey cars.

no there isn't any cars in Italy.

fashion lines sport cars pasta

Some things made in Italy are:Cars:FerrariLamborghiniMaseratiClothes:GucciDolce and GabanaRoberto Cavalli

A lot of cars are made there and of cource cheese... course retard

yes European cars have antennas i own a 1994 golf gti that was made in Italy and it has one

Cars were assembled in Pomigliano d'Arco, Italy and General Motors facility in Rayong, Thailand (cars for Asia).

some dude in Italy who made tractors and started makein ballin cars

Most F1 teams have there base in the UK as most of the races are in Europe. However out of the 11 teams, 3 of them are not based in UK but still is based in Europe. Ferrari and Toro rosso are based in Italy and Sauber is based in Switzerland. So the cars are made in there general base country i.e. Ferrari's cars are made in Italy and Red Bull's cars are made in the UK.

Out of the top ten fastest cars in the world, five of them were made in Italy. However, the fastest stock car in the world is the Bugatti Veyron made in France.

Some of the man-made resources in Italy are small electronics and heavy industrial machinery. Italy makes gas and coal extraction machinery for export and also make cars for international markets.

Italy makes Ferrari and Lamborghini

Italy drives many cars but a few are - ferrari,lamburgini,and these cars are usually drivin on the left side

Cars displaying the letter "I" come from Italy.The international vehicle registration code for Italy is 'I'.

The founder; Entore Bugatti was born in Italy but the cars themselfs are made in France

cars are made of beaker cars are made of beaker

France for the oranges, U.S cars such as the mini,Netherland for cars such as the mini,Italy for cars

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati. Those are the common ones you will see in America and Canada.

Italy is the country in which Lamborghini cars are manufactured.

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