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Like most things, money, power and greed

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Q: What caused imperialism?
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Related questions

Was the spanish american war caused by imperialism?

The Spanish American war was caused by the desire of the US to expand, which is imperialism.

Lasting impacts of imperialism?

imperialism caused widespread racial discrimination and income gaps as the rich get richer.

How imperialism was caused?

one thing is modern technology

What caused the pelopponesian war?

the cause was a fear of athenian imperialism

How did imperialism cause revolutions?

Imperialism was actually caused by revolutions such as the Industrial Revolutions. This revolution brought new inventions of technology and also power.

What impact did imperialism have on Europe?

Imperialism caused many feuds between European nations. In fact, it was a major cause of both World Wars.

How was the imperialism caused by World War 1?

Other way around. Imperialism caused World War I because of empires that streched their boundaries and the colonies in every corner of the globe that joined the war effort made it a World War.

How did imperialism affect cultures around the world?

Imperialism caused many countries to loose some of their culture as they were forced to adopt to western ways. Such as industrializing and converting.

What caused the US to wage war against Spain?

Resentment of Spain's imperialism

What caused nationalism to become an important part of Japanese culture by 1910?


What caused groups of Africans in southern Africa to migrate north?

The Age of Imperialism caused a Western-educated African elite to emerge.

What were the causes of new imperalism?

the causes of new imperialism was the new imperialism was caused by stuff like things going bank rupt and you know forth know go on

How did imperialism affect nations and populations that were colonized?

Imperialism causes the stronger countries to grow and become nations or even empires. There are many examples throughout European history of nations enveloping weaker countries and increasing their own wealth and power to form strong nation-states and even empires. Through imperialism one culture is invading another culture and most of the time the European colonialists are not thinking about the effects this invasion might have on the natives of that land. Problems caused by imperialism have prevailed to this day. Imperialism caused a breakdown of the previous cultures and lifestyles that the natives had followed. The European imperialism caused many of the now prevalent ethnic rivalries that can be found in northern India, parts of Asia, and parts of Africa.

How were economic interest a caused for imperialism?

There was a driving need for new markets and more resources.

How did imperialism effect modern Africa?

Imperialism caused many new nations to emerge from tribal Africa. Several tribes were brought together to form nations where none existed before.

Who were the Boxers and what caused them to rebel?

This webpage should provide the answers

What were the causes of 'new' imperialism in the late 19th century?

some say it was caused by johnny appleseed

What role did nationalism and imperialism play in ww1?

Nationalism and imperialism directly caused WW1 as nations sought to protect their interests. The war was sparked off by the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914.

Impact of imperialism on agriculture and forestry?

Imperialism has caused large areas of forest to be completely destroyed. The trees were cut down gradually through the centuries to make room for crops and other agricultural endeavors.

How did European imperialism affect Africa after the Industrial Revolution?

Arbitrarily formed boundaries caused wars between rival tribes.

How did imperialism lead to ww1?

It caused tensions between countries (further enhancing the conflict between Germany and Britain) and it ignited the flame that then caused militarism, nationalism, and alliances.

What caused demographic transition 1750-1914?

The period 1750 - 1914 was characterized by growing European imperialism. The Industrial Revolution during this period caused a demographic transition.

What are the merits and demerits of the Industrial Revolution?

Industrial revolution caused over population of cities ,caused slums to form due to low wages and poverty of the working class and also caused unemployment of many with every new invention .the Industrial revolution caused capitalism, accumulation of wealth in the possession of few while others lead a life of poverty. also lead to imperialism and wars due to imperialism within and against countries of Europe.

What caused the outbreak World War 1 and World War 2?

WW1 Imperialism WW2 Fascism

After the industrial revolution how did European imperialism affect Africa?

Arbitrarily formed boundaries caused wars between rival tribes