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Many possiblities, lack of fuel, too much fuel. A sensor faulty, Afaulty connection, faulty ECM, Worn tune up parts. The list goes on. My 2000 Neon would suddenly slow down to 20 mph and then die. Most places suggested it was the fuel pump at $360.00 (pump and filter are one unit in gas tank). I added a bottle of "HEET" water remover. Car ran fine for several weeks then stalled again. This time I added fuel injector cleaner with Techron (the same stuff in Chevron gasoline). Car hasn't had a problem now for 6 months. I now use only Chevron gasoline 89 octane as suggested in the owner's manual. I had a problem with my 1996 stalling after it was running for a while, the problem turned out to be crank shaft sensor. It has been running good since.

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Q: What causes Dodge Neons to stall?
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What dodge will your 2002 neon 2.0 fit in?

That engine is only in the Neons.That engine is only in the Neons.

Does Dodge neons have noninterference engine?

No, the engines are interference.

Why causes a 73 dodge van to stall when put into drive?

torque converter lock out engaged.

Who can you talk to about your dodge neons transmission?

Any mechanic that will listen.

When was the last dodge neon made?

According to MSN Autos...Dodge Neons were made from 1995-2005

How many gears does a dodge neon 2.0 have?

Automatic Dodge Neons had a 3-speed automatic transmission.

How many volts is a 2000 dodge neons lighter well?

12 volts

Do 2002 dodge neons have window motors?

They do if they are equipped with power windows option.

What does a QS 3614 oil filter fit?

95-99 Dodge Neons

Do dodge neon parts work in Plymouth neons?

Dodge and Plymouth neons are identical. Parts are interchangeable. Make sure you get appropriate parts depending on whether your car is Single Overhead CAM (SOHC) or Dual Overhead CAM (DOHC)

Do all dodge neon's have a trunk release?

No, all Dodge Neon's do not have a trunk release. This was part of the option package offered on some of the earlier Dodge Neons.

Why do dodge neons overheat?

faulty water pump, electric fan, or a clogged radiator> With dodge motors it is usually a clogged radiator. Drain it

Is the dodge neon considered a sports car?

no, the srt-4 is close but dodge neons are a joke as a regular car and are by no means a sports car.

Is a 1996 dodge neon front or rear wheel drive?

all neons are front wheel drive!

When do you replace the timing belt on a Dodge Neon?

Recommended interval on 1995-1999 Neons is 60,000 miles.

What is the cause for a 2000 Dodge Durango to stall?

Is it low on Anti-Freeze? That is a known issue for a car to stall!

Why would my 1984 dodge ram pick up truck stall at the light when you stop?

Why would my 1984 Dodge pick up truck stall at the light when I stop

Will a 1994 dodge neon ac compressor fit in a 2004 Dodge Neon?

No, absaolutely no, i am a expert in neons and the answer is no, not in your wildest dreams. Hope it saves time and money.

Will the headlight assembly of a neon srt-4 fit a 2000 Plymouth neon?

No it won't. The SRT-4, along with other 2003-2005 Dodge Neons have a different headlight mount assembly than 2000-2002 Dodge Neons. If it was 2003-2005 it would fit.

99 neon has hard initial start?

It might be your head gasket. Head gaskets are a huge problem in Dodge Neons.

Why would your Dodge Durango stall when idling at a stop light?

Your Dodge Durango may stall when idling at a stop light for a couple of reason. One reason may be that a part needs to be replaced on the car.

What causes 1998 accord to stall?

A 1998 Honda Accord could stall because it is out of gas. The car could also stall because of a bad computer.

Where is the horn module on a 2001 Dodge Neon?

The horns on neons are under the front bumper driver side. We had a 98 and had a time finding out.

What is wrong when the oil smells burnt in 1998 dodge neon?

Check for coolant in the oil or oil in the coolant. Dodge Neons are notorious for head gasket leaks and warped heads due to overheating.

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