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Many possiblities, lack of fuel, too much fuel. A sensor faulty, Afaulty connection, faulty ECM, Worn tune up parts. The list goes on. My 2000 Neon would suddenly slow down to 20 mph and then die. Most places suggested it was the fuel pump at $360.00 (pump and filter are one unit in gas tank). I added a bottle of "HEET" water remover. Car ran fine for several weeks then stalled again. This time I added fuel injector cleaner with Techron (the same stuff in Chevron gasoline). Car hasn't had a problem now for 6 months. I now use only Chevron gasoline 89 octane as suggested in the owner's manual. I had a problem with my 1996 stalling after it was running for a while, the problem turned out to be crank shaft sensor. It has been running good since.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-26 14:55:43
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Q: What causes Dodge Neons to stall?
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