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check: 1.idle speed adjustment screw, 2.vacuum leaks, 3.ignition timing,4.carburetion problems,5.emmision vapor charcoal cannister clogged,6.dirty fuel filter,7.fuel pump not working right,8.dirty air filter,9.pcv valve bad.


you may want to adjust the automatic choke and set it out side of the factury setting and readjust the high idle speed setting. you may need to drill out the rivets and set the choke to a richer setting. this worked for me. I have 85 z24 engine.



On the back of the carb is an idle stop solinoid that shuts off the air flow through the idle passage way. I have found that the passage way can be blocked with dirt. Remove the solinoid and spray carb cleaner in the solinoid hole then blow out with compresed air. Be sure that the rubber O ring for the solinoid comes out with the solinoid and is not stuck in the hole first. Also check that there is 12volts going to the solinoid when the key is on the run position. This is somtimes fed through the alt. fuse.


Loose Hot Wire to control box for electronic controlled Carburator.

Ok all of these answers have probably been wrong. I just had the same prob with my truck and i have found it was a vacuum leak. If you can hear a vac leak than its probably your prob. If not then dont waist your time. Anyways on the side of the carb there as a hose that travels to the top of the truck. It connects on the left side of the carburetor kinda towards the bottom. My truck was doing the same thing and it turned out to be a split hose. I did not hear the leak until after a couple of days of driving it but as soon as i found it then it immediately ran 100% better. Try this and see. If so let me know. junk that factory carb. and get awebber 32/36 carb.
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2009-10-15 19:12:36
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Q: What causes a 1985 Nissan 4WD truck not to maintain idle cranks and stays running with pressure on gas pedal but will not idle by itself?
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