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What causes a 1988 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport to stall in overdrive at low speeds?

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not downshifting.

2006-09-14 03:36:30
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Why does my 84 Eurosport Celebrity stall at low speeds?

It sounds like your engine is not getting enough fuel.

Why does my 88 Chevy Celebrity eurosport stall when it is in overdrive at low speeds?

You Are Putting To Much Load On Your Engine. When It Starts To Stall Drop It Into Regular Drive. Also You Need To Drive At Slow Speeds In Regular Drive. At Speeds Say Around 50 MPH You Can Use OD. By Allowing Your Car To Slug Around In Overdrive You Are Doing Your Transmission In Amoung Other Things. Your Car Was Not Designed To Run This Way. Stay Out Of Overdrive At Slow Speeds. This Should Solve Your Problem. If This Does`nt Have A Good Tune UP.

When do you use overdrive on your mondeo automatic?

It is best to use overdrive at speeds above 55 miles per hour. Overdrive maximizes your fuel mileage at high speeds.

When to use overdrive 2000 Nissan Altima?

its always best to use your overdrive when on highways at higher speeds

When driving in foggy weather the driver should overdrive their headlights and travel at dramatically higher speeds?


Can you change 3 speed auto transmission to auto overdrive?

No. Three speeds are normally without overdrive. There may be another transmission that you could replace it with to get overdrive.

What does overdrive do on a 2004 Chevy Malibu?

overdrive is used to save fuel economy at cruiseing speeds,for freeway or open roads.

Does overdrive make your car move faster?

Overdrive lets the engine run slower at highway speeds. This saves on gas.

Should overdrive be on in ford Thunderbird?

The overdrive is designed for speeds after 50 mph so your overdrive should not be engaged until you are driving on the highway. The overdrive gear is designed for fuel efficiency and does nothing in town.

When can you use overdrive?

I don't use mine until I reach highway speeds.

How many speeds is the transmission on a T100?

I think 4, with the 4th being overdrive.

What is 4 spd with overdrive?

Four speeds on your transmission and the overdrive is when the engine speed and the transmission speed are engaged is a interchangeable load. running "free" sort of

Is it better to drive with overdrive off when driving in the city?

Yes. Overdrive is best used with longer trips at relatively constant high speed. City driving, with lots of stops, starts, and slow speeds is not what the overdrive is intended for.

What if your car loses RPMs at 45 mph?

If your vehicle has an automatic transmission with overdrive, then at speeds above 45 mph, it should be in overdrive, which reduces engine RPM's to save fuel.

What transmission does a 1989 Chevy Silverado have?

Most likey its the TH400. If it has 4 speeds, its the 700R4 (w/overdrive)

When should you turn overdrive on and off?

*Turn off Overdrive when Towing. (Trailer, Boat, etc.) *Overdrive is a transmission gear with a ratio below 1:1, which improves fuel economy by reducing engine revolutions per minute at highway speeds.

Is it best to drive ford f 150 in overdrive while driving on interstate or with overdrive off someone please let you know?

Overdrive is the normally allowed position ( in overdrive the engine doesn't rev as high , the gas mileage is better , the transmission will run cooler etc. when you drive at higher speeds )

On a 1994 Mazda 626 How do get the button on the shifter to switch back over to automatic from overdrive it is stuck in overdrive and when you push the button it won't switch back?

The button does not switch from Overdrive to Automatic. The button just turns the overdrive off. Overdrive is not a separate drive system as your question implies. Normally you leave the car in overdrive mode. That way the transmission shifts into overdrive at highway speeds, thus saving fuel. If you are saying the transmission is stuck in overdrive and it will not disengage then seek out a A/T professional.

What causes the high speeds of avalanches?

the wind!!

What are the symptoms of bad or worn overdrive on a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 4l60e transmission?

The vehicle will have a higher rpm at highway speeds, lowering fuel economy. The vehicle could shudder, or jump in and out of overdrive.

What is the difference in thed with a circle and d without a circle on the 1993 e150 ford?

One is overdrive. I believe the one with the "circle". Overdrive is used to reduce RPMs, generally at speeds 45 mph or greater.

Which transmission is in the 1994 ram van 150 with the 3.9L engine?

It is called a 42rh if it has overdrive, three speeds would be a 32rh

What benefit does an overdrive manual transmission provide?

An overdrive transmission adds an additional gear ratio to the vehicle. This additional gear allows the engine RPM's to be lower, resulting in better fuel economy at higher speeds.

Using overdrive in on a vehicle?

Overdrive is the highest ratio gear in a vehicles transmission. It alows the car to travel at highway speeds and still keep engine speed low. In automatics it is used automatically, however you can push the button that says "overdrive" and it will turn the overdrive off. This gives you more power but limits your speed and decreases your fuel economy and longevity of the vehicle.

Why your overdrive not working on your 92 Acura Legend?

92 legend coupe l and ls 2nd generation have no overdrive, they run high rpm in 4th 2200 to 2500 at 60 mph and up to 3500 at higher speeds.