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Possibly a stuck or sticking EGR valve.

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What is the speed limit on freeways?

Look for a big sign that has two numbers on it with the these two words on top of them, SPEED LIMIT.

Maximum speed limit in Nevada for urban freeways and rural highways is 70 mph?


What is the speed limit in Los Angeles CA?

This varies widely as it does in any city across America. The max speed you will ever see is found on the freeways. This is the American Interstate system developed by Dwight D. Eisenhower. It includes freeways like Interstate 5, 405, 10, 605, 710, and so on. The max speed is 65MPH - and nowhere in California is it higher than 65MPH. Smaller highways are typically 55-65MPH, and roads can range anywhere from 35-55MPH with residential zones commonly around 15-25MPH.

What is the driving speed limit in Spain?

Spanish speed limits are: 120 KPH on freeways, 100 KPH on primary roads, and 90 KPH on secondary roads.

Can a speed limit sign have both a maximum and mininmum speed?

Yes. On most freeways they normally have a maximum speed limit sign saying 70 or 65 but then also have a minimum speed limit sign of 40

Why do rivers flow from higher to lower elevation?

Gravity is what causes a river to flow from higher to lower elevation. A river travels at a faster speed the higher the elevation and will typically cause greater erosion.

Why can't bicycles have access to freeways?

Because mixing traffic with such different speed characteristics is a risk no road planner is willing to take.

What is Highway speed limit in Australia?

Mostly 100kph ( 60 mph ), 110 kph on some freeways. 130kph in the Northern Territory.

Can learner drivers do 110 km on freeways?

Not just learning drivers but ALL drivers are required to go the speed limit, or no less than 15 km under the speed limit.

What is an overdrive gear?

A gear which causes the transmission output shaft to rotate at a higher speed than the transmission input shaft.

Compare speed limits in Britain and 2 other countries?

The speed in Britain is 70 mph on motorways. In Canada it is 100km on most freeways, and in Italy it is either 130 or 150 depending on which Autostrada.

What is the purpose of minimum speed limit laws?

The purpose of minimum speed limit laws is to keep traffic flowing smoothly on freeways. A very slow vehicle on a freeway can cause a traffic bottleneck.

What is the orbital speed of the sun?

according to my astro problem set, its about 9cm/s

Can higher speed increase tire tread wear?

Yes, because the tire gets hot and this causes the tread to wear faster.

What causes the speed of sound to vary?

Speed is increasing with the Temperature. Medium causes it too.

What is the relationship between the speed of the components and the price?

The price is higher if the speed is slower The price is higher if the speed is slower

Speed limits in South Africa?

The average speed for most residential areas is 60km/h (37mph), in some areas it can be 40km/h (24mph). The average speed on the freeways/highways/motorways is between 120km/h (74mph) to 80km/h (50mph).

2002 Astro heater doesn't work on high speed?

you might need a new switch.

The speed limit of most freeways?

Most that I am familiar with have a maximum of 65 mph and a minimum of 45 mph. In Ky & Tenn the speed limit is 70 mph on most Interstates and Parkways. There are exceptions so watch for posted speeds.

What is the average speed for cross country travel on the freeways?

Most states have adopted either 65 or 70 mph as the top speed outside of populated areas. The 'average' speed traveling cross country, taking into account stops for fuel, food and rest, is about 52.3 mph.

How are speed and power related to each other?

A higher speed means a higher rate of power. They are directly related.

Does the fan consume more power if regulator adjusted to high speed?

The higher the speed, the higher the power consumed.

Why is the speed of light not higher?

The Speed of Light is considered infinite speed, as no matter can reach the speed of light.

Why the speedometer doesnt work on a 1989 astro van after replacing the speed sensor does has more than one sensor?

check for a faulty speed buffer module

It is legal to drive faster than the speed limit on the freeway?

The speed limit is the top speed that is legally allowed. If it is exceeded, you are breaking the law.