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Intake manifold gasket leak? (Never heard of a heat sensor). Many possibilities.

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Q: What causes a 1994 Grand Prix to overheat and stall every time it is driven even though the thermostat and heat sensor were changed the plugs were checked and the radiator was cleaned?
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Why after I replaced the thermostat on my 1993 Toyota truck 4 cylinder does it still overheat and get hot?

first of all, do you have the right thermostat? ie: winter, summer. if so i would get the radiator checked, it may be getting pluged.

Why does your 02 Jeep Grand Cherokee overheat in park you replaced the relay and checked the wiring?

We don't know what relay you are referring to. Check your thermostat and radiator fan. Fluch out your cooling system.

Why might a Chevrolet Caprice Classic overheat?

It could be you thermostat Have you have already checked oil level, and/ot changed oil recently Exaust restrictions can cause overheating

What else do you check after blocked hoses thermostat fans and radiator when your 1990 Honda Civic continues to overheat?

The IMPELLER on the water pump.The MIXTURE of Anti-Freeze to Water mixture.Blown head gasket.Correct TIMING.the FLOW on the Radiator that U already checked...

Your 1987 C4 Corvette has begun to overheat Waterpump radiator hoses thermostat rear cooling fan both relays was replaced in Dec05 Everything has been checked again except the waterpump what did miss?

== ==

Why would a 1995 Firebird continue to overheat die once all antifreezewater had been checked upper hose conecting radiator to engine was changed as well as all other fluids that could affect it?

I would suggest you replace the thermostat, and flush the cooling system. Also check the radiator fins and see if they are clean and free of debris.

What is wrong when your temperature gauge goes up in a car?

Your car is starting to overheat or your thermostat is going out. Get it checked.

If a 1998 Mazda 626 will start and run for a little while but then overheat and die and you have changed the cooling fan and the transmission has been checked what else can it be?

It could be any number of things, but I'd check for bad fan relay or fuse, sticking thermostat, blocked radiator or blown head gasket.

What would cause a 94 Chrysler LHS to run hot it's not the thermostat?

This question is not complete. . Need to know if you've replaced radiator, thermostat, hoses etc. Are you asking this question *after* yo checked the thermostat, changed, added or drained the system?

I had the thermostat radiator cap and radiator replaced on a 2001 Mitsubishi galant and it still overheats sitting at idle and while driving Any ideas on what the problem is?

have the engine timing checked. if the timing is wrong the engine will overheat, are you loosing coolant?is the fan working, is the water pump working?

2000 transam that overheats when you turn the ac on you have replaced the thermostat and water pump you have also flushed the radiator 3 times and checked the air dam nothing worked it still overheats?

check your fan clutch if its weak it will overheat

Your 1988 Toyota Camry is overheating after having the pressure checked on the cooling system checked and the radiator flushed filled?

Bad thermostat maybe?

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