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What causes a 1998 Ford Contour to run rough after the timing belt was installed?


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good chance the cam and crank shafts were not aligned properly or the engine just needs to be timed correctly


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The ignition timing is not set correctly or the timing chain is worn out or installed incorrectly.

If the engine runs rough after a timing belt change, the belt may not have been tightened properly. It may also mean that the wrong timing belt was installed. Either way, it needs to be taken back to the mechanic.

The ignition timing on Contour engines is controlled by the computer, and is not adjustable. However, if you're talking about the 4-cylinder 2.0 liter, it uses a timing belt for the cams, and if it is worn and slips a tooth, it would cause some real problems. (The 2.5 liter V6 isn't subject to this, as it uses a timing chain for the cams.)

If you have a worn timing chain that hasnt been changed before, that can cause the timing to jump and cause your car to run very rough or not run at all

Timing belt, vvt drum worn out, thin oil in engine, burnt valve, bent valve if timing belt jumped, injectors cloged up, weak fuel pump, intake leak pcv valve worn out vac hose leakage , worn rings

Ribosomes are embeded in rough ER.That makes it rough.

Low fuel pressure, clogged air filter or off timing can all cause rough running. There could be sensor issues or more serious engine internal problems.

You do not have the correct timing set for that car.

This vehicle needs a tune up, new spark plugs, maybe new spark plug wires. It may be out of timing. I would also add the plug wires may be installed incorrectly.

check vacum hoses timing and tune up

If the timing chain has jumped time, the vehicle will run rough or not at all. You will need to check the time with a timing light to see if it is off.

What causes a car to idle good and run rough when you give it gas?

Need to know what "it" is.

on rough surfsces what causes friction

One of the reasons why a Tahoe motor would skip and pop could be due to a loose timing chain. Some of the other causes of a loose timing chain are rough idle, sluggish performance, and the sudden change in the engine performance.

The rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (RER) looks rough under a microsope bcoz ribosomes are attached to it.

have you taken your jeep to check the timing often when your timing is off it causes this i had the same problem in my 1994 jeep wrangler 2.5 inline 4. Does it run better if you stay on the gas or no if so your timing may be off slightly and your ECM is trying to compensate causing the rough ride.

ribosomes attached on the sides of the RER makes it look rough under the microscope .

Not unless the bearing in that pulley is noisy or rough when you spin it.

it is rough beaceuse of the ribosomes that are sitting on it. the smooth RER have none.

The timing may be off a tooth, or maybe a vacuum line was not hooked back up.

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