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your pregnent

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Can a dog get her period when she is7 months old?

No, she can only get her period every 6 months.

How often do female dogs get their period?

female dogs get their period every 6 months.

How often do dogs have their period?

ushally every 8 months

How often do you get a period while on the shot?

About every 3 months

When do dogs come on their period?

Every six months for one month

How often do dogs get their period?

Dogs will get their period or come into Heat every 6 months. Starts around 8 months old to 12 months old. Then, will last at least 21 days - Every 6 months. HOPE this helps Marie Peppers Ask the Pet Nurse

Will you get your period if on birth control pill?

yes you still will get your period on the pill. some pills you get your period every month and there are some pills that you have your period every three months. just talk to your doctor about what is right for you.

Can you get your period every day for four months straight?

see your doctor if that happens....

Can you stop your period?

if you take birth control you will only have it every couple of months, but there is really no way to ever get rid of your period.

How long is a dog's menstrual cycle?

About a 3 week period every six months.

Past 7 months your period is every 6 weeks only with no real period besides spotting?

It is common to experience changes in your menstrual cycle. Stress and hormonal changes can effect your cycle. Schedule a visit with your physician to make sure there are no other causes.

Do you still have a period if you are on birth control?

Yes. There are now birth control pills that regulate a period to one every three months.

Is it a problem if a girl only has her period every few months?

No it is fine to only get your period every few months. It is normal everybody is different it depends on your genes. If you have a problem you should go see your doctor but any other way it's NORMAL.

Why do you have your period every three months?

It probably means you are only ovulating every 3 months. If you are planning on getting pregnant any time soon, you should probably talk to your Dr.

How often do dogs get their period again?

they go into heat every four months for a whole month

When does a dog get its period?

I am pretty sure it's every 6 months but sometimes they can skip one.

Do your period change date every six months?

It can if it is irregular, but for many it will stay relatively the same.

What age is the Oldest woman to still have her period?

I know someone who just turned 59, and she gets her period once every five months.

What is the calving interval for a cow?

Once every 11 to 12 months, accounting for the period of rest a cow gets after being bred (which will last from 2 to 3 months), and the gestation period for that cow after she has conceived.

What causes you to stop ovulating?

Depo Provera, it's a shot every 3 months.

What causes a girl to have her period just once in 3 months?

It's just your hormones are different. My beset friend gets it every three months but saw a gynecologist to get on birth control so its more regular. I think the only disadvantage to this is that you may have trouble getting pregnant in the future.

How long do female dachshunds have their period?

Every six months, usually lasting for around 2 weeks.

Do female dogs go from getting their period every six months to once a year?

dogs are actually infertile and dont get there period until after relations

When on period and you eat banana does it stop your period?

No. Your period is a result of the hormones in your body. Food does not stop it. Newer birth control pills will delay a period for 3 months, but you still have one every 3 months. The hormones that your body produces are needed and when you get older they get less. This is called menopause.

Can you get your period a day after conception?

Yes, you can. I actually had a period for several months even though I was pregnant. I kept thinking, man I am working out every day, why am I getting fat! Sure enough, I was 4 months pregnant!