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Torque Converter Lockup is computer controlled on modern automatic transmissions. Solenoids such as the TCC take inputs from the power train computer such as throttle, fluid temperature and pressure the modulate TCC engagement.Ê

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Q: What causes a Ford Focus transmission lock up?
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Automatic door lock in a 2001 Ford Focus wagon?

What is the question? ? ? ?

Where is the power lock fuse for a 2005 Ford Focus?

The 2005 Ford Focus power lock fuse can be found in the fuse box. The fuse box is located in the engine compartment. The location of the fuse will be listed on the inside cover of the fuse box.

Why does the fuel filler cap not lock on the ford focus?

It's not a "locking" cap, unless you bought it from the store. They don't come with lock caps.

How do you open the hood on a Ford Focus?

Rotate the ford badge on the grille and you should find a lock. Use the cars key to open the bonnet

Doors unlock with the fob when the keys are in the ignition ford focus?

So you don't lock the keys in the car.

Ford focus 2001 trunk release doesn't work?

This seems to be a common failure. The lock and lock motor assembly need to be replaced. I'm working on the same problem on my 2000 focus right now. I'm trying to get the lock cylinder of from the old lock/motor assembly. Any advice?

Why wont rear latch on 2004 ford focus not lock?

Look under the hood behind the air filter.

How do you fix a stuck steering wheel on a 2003 Ford Focus?

You can huge amounts of WD-40 to the lock cylinder of your lock key and move your key inside and outside many times while trying to turn your ignition on in order to break free your locked steering wheel of your 2003 Ford Focus.

I can't find a the trunk release on my 2008 Ford Focus?


What causes a VW Golf to lock the transmission into park?

If the car is automatic you must have the footbrake applied to shift from park.

Why would the steering wheel in a 2000 ford focus lock up?

Are you talking about the safety lock when parked. If so you need to put the key into the ignition and part turn it before that releases.

Why won't radiator cap come off on ford focus zx5 2002?

Push DOWN hard, and turn to the left. They have a security lock.

How do you change 2000 Ford Focus ignition lock cylinder?

Unless you want to lose your $1200 air bag, take it to an authorized mechanic.

Where are the locations of all airbag sensors on a ford focus 03 model?

the front senor is above the radiator and its in the middle beside the lock that opens the bonnet. thats where mines is and ive a 2003 model focus

I am looking for a diagram of a 97 Ford Taurus transmission. I need to change the on-off lock up solenoid. it is an Atc-Pro King transmission control solenoid. i need a diagram. please help me?

Where does trans control solenoid go on a 1998 ford taurus

Why wont your dashboard light turn off after you lock your ford focus?

It will but it may take several minutes. It all depends on how long the dashboard light was on for.

2000 Ford Focus se transmission won't shift why?

Not really enough info given to diagnose your problem. BUT, here's a possibility: IF it is an automatic transmission AND it won't shift out of second gear - second gear is a safety default called the "limp-home" mode. If the transmission is failing it will automatically lock into that gear so that you will at least be be able to get it to home or a repair facility. Transmissions are usually NOT a do-it-yourslef item, and it will probably have to be diagnosed by a mechanic.

Why does the transmission shifter lock how can it be fix?

install transmission shifter assembly

Where is the power lock fuse for a 2000 Ford Focus ZX3?

it is located on the back of the fuse panel, you have to actually unscrew and remove the entire panel. It is a 20 amp fuse. The problem usually comes from a bad power lock actuator.

Installation ignition lock cilinder ford focos 2000?

how can I do for installation lock cilinder ford focos 2000

Where is the power lock fuse for a 2008 Ford Focus?

According to the 2008 Ford Focus Owner Guide : In the fuse panel below and to the left of the steering wheel , by the brake pedal ( it has a cover on it ) ( fuse # 17 is a 20 amp fuse for the Power Locks and Trunk Release )

Does torque converter lock up occur in all gears in Ford e4od transmission?

no, mainly locks just before overdrive, unlocks when downshifts and when braking

Can I fix the lock on my Ford Escape?

After searching on the internet, there is no recall issue for the 2004 Ford Escape concerning the back door lock. The lock can be fixed by taking apart the lock manually or brought to the garage for repairs.

What will cause a Samurai transmission to lock?

its broke

Where are the anti lock brake sensors located on a 95 ford f150?

If you have a E40D transmission it is on top of the rear axle housing. If you have a 4R70W transmission, you have two. One is located in the tailshaft housing and the other is on top of the rear axle housing.