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What causes a brown discharge from the vagina?



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  • Is it near the time of your menstrual cycle's beginning or end? Brown discharge around the time of one's period is normal. Spotting or discharge like this may have something to do with the shedding of the ueteran wall (I believe). Check with your OBGYN if you have further concerns and if it happens frequently. Also, if you are sexually active, try looking up Gonorrhea and see if you have any other symptoms of it. It probably isn't this, but it is worth looking into just in case.
  • You should go to a clinic to get tested for a yeast infection, and if you are sexually active get check for STD's. You could go to Planned Parenthood or any other clinic.
  • If it happens at the beginning/end of your period it may be a sign of hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalances can sometimes be fixed with birth control pills.
  • It is completely normal to find at the start/end of your period. It is either just a tiny bit of your period, or just the blood staining your normal discharge. If in doubt though ask a doctor.
  • brown discharge is blood that has lost its hemoglobin.which refer that its a old blood which may be results from incomplete shedding of endometrial layer,minor trauma of vagina or cervix during intercourse and hormonal imbalance