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usually late ignition timing could cause this or an excessive amount of fuel in the exhaust system.


backfire can be caused by choke not shutting off completely, also could have a bad distributor cap, bad spark plugs, bad ignition condensor, bad plug leads, or to much fuel getting to carburetor system

Consider getting yourself a service manual as it contains many troubleshooting for your car. Comes very handy sometimes.

Can also be caused by crossed spark plug wires meaning they are not connected in the proper order


Listen to the Signs of the Car talking to you,

Is the Backfire coming from the Tailpipe area or the Engine Compartment area?

Signs of backfire can be caused Vacuum Leak, in and around the Intake Manifold Base Gasket areas, and the Carb. Base or Throttle Body Base, and in any of the many different

Vacuum hoses/lines depending on your make or model, "Use Caution with what you use to seek out the Vacuum leaks, as many aresol base products contain a petroleum base

which can cause severe flash fires,

( especially on and around HOT Engine Parts & Faulty or Loose Plug wires )

in Running Conditions.

Always RememberSAFETY FIRST,You want to drive it after you fix it,"NOT look a pictures of its chard remains,in a Hospital Burn Ward."

Be Safe Now / Cruise Longer

It could also be the contact set / points gap if this has recently been replaced/ adjusted.

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Q: What causes a car to backfire?
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What causes backfire in a 1992 Honda civic?

Your car is running too rich.

Does a bad alternator make your car backfire?

No! A car backfires because unburned fuel is getting to the muffler. The heat of the exhause system causes the fuel to combust, thus a backfire. A bad alternator will just not charge your car battery.

What causes a car to backfire from tailpipe?

while driving yur car reduces speed then pulls off with speed and backfires what can cause that

What causes backfire from exhaust pipe?

Unburned fuel in the exhaust system causes the backfire from the exhaust pipe.

Why does a 2000 Dodge Caravan backfire?

The main causes of backfire in any car are incorrect ignition timing, crossed sparkplug wires or worn timing belt (or chains and sprockets).

What causes an exhaust backfire on lt1 camaro?

I think you are hearing pressure pops. Not a backfire.

Why does a car backfire and die?

A car can backfire and die if the spark plugs are bad. The car could also have a problem with the timing or the catalytic converter .

What causes a backfire in a motorcycle?

a backfire is caused by incorrect timing or not enough back pressure in the exhaust pipe

What causes your car to backfire when you try to start it and will not start?

The timing of the engine is off or the spark plug wires have been hooked up incorrectly.

What causes a 350 Chevy to backfire?

It's lean.

What causes a 1995 Chevy Tahoe to backfire?

It's lean.

Why does a car turn off after a backfire?

it doesn't or it shouldent'

Why does your car backfire while decelerating?

Slowing down

What causes 1988 Dodge Dakota tuck backfire?

Backfire is normally caused by engine out of time, or spark plug wires installed incorrectly.

If the car is puttering like a backfire and wont start what is wrong with the car?

catalytic converter?

What causes a 2000 ford countour to stall and backfire when you accelelarate?

bad gas

What causes an engine to backfire through intake coming off idle?

Out of time.

What causes an engine to backfire after putting a fuel pump in?

Too much PSI.

Why would a car backfire 1 time then sputter?

A sparkplug misfiring.

Why does a car backfire when you first start it?

Could be in need of a tune-up.

How 2 fix a car backfire?

Its either too much fuel coming from the carbeuator and causing it to backfire or it could be spark plugs wired wrong. try to be more specific on where backfire is coming from. either out of the carbeuator or the tailpipes.

What causes the 650 nighthawk to backfire?

As with any engine, timing, and also carb problems.

What causes the engine to backfire when trying to start a 305 Chevy?

It's lean. You have to figure out why.

What causes a Honda 400ex to backfire when choke is off?

running lean can cause your 400ex to backfire ..if it backfires on deceleration its lean ...if it pops on acceleration its running rich.====carb issues

Why does a lesabre limted backfire when you try to pass a car on highway?

bad compression