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What causes a car to hesitate when it accelerates?

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August 17, 2012 4:22AM

Fuel injected cars have several sensors monitoring engine rpm,

engine load, speed and throttle position allowing a computer to

decide the correct amount of fuel for smooth acceleration..

Carbureted cars have the throttle connected more directly and

simply dump fuel whenever the pedal is pressed, simple but


ADDED: The answer is a little more complicated than the 2nd

scenario and would take up much more space to explain. Suffice it

to say that you should try running a can or two of carburetor

cleaner through it via the gas tank, AND get a spray can of carb

cleaner and thoroughly spray down the throttle linkage where it is

mounted on the side of the carb to make sure that everything moves

smoothly. See what happens after you've done this, and if it still

is exhibitting the same problem take it to a mechanic that still

knows how to work on and/or adjust carburetors, because iyou could

have internal problems that might require a rebuild.

Not enough fuel, maybe because the fuel pump is not putting out

enough pressure, or more likely and cheaper. Replace the fuel

filter that is just above the transmission on the firewall.

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