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The shower may be leaking from: 1) A failure of the drain and associated piping itself (e.g., corrosion of the cast iron floor drain), 2) A failure of the shower pan, which is an ostensibly waterproof liner (may be metal or synthetic polymer) embedded in the tile floor (or comprising the plastic floor) which is mechanically connected to the drain; or 3) Leakage of water in the shower's surrounding area (walls, non-pan floor area, etc.) which is accumulating and dripping near the drain.

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Q: What causes a drain in the shower to leak?
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What causes shower diverter to be loose or leak?

The shower diverter is loose or broken inside and needs to be changed.

Why does your shower leak once the toilet is flushed?

The drains for the shower, toilet and sink all connect to a common line. Assuming the toilet is not backing up, the problem indicates that there may be a partial blockage, enough so that some of the toilet flow is backing up through the shower drain line. You need plumbing repair. The shower leak you mention should only be in the shower, or else you have a broken drain line as well.

What causes a toilet sink and shower to leak at the same time?

usally a line stoppage

What would be the reason why your shower drain would leak upstairs and cause a water stain on your ceiling?

A drain leak, a leaking shower pan, a leaking shower valve or piping, a leaking bezel or escutchions on the shower valve, bad or missing grout, bad caulking in the corners of the wall, a leaking shower door, water spilled on the floor, or, a drain pipe leak. any one or combination of the listed problems can do it. Look things over take care of what you can see wrong before making a hole in the ceiling. If you think you have fixed the leak repaint the stained area but prime 1st with Kilz or Binz to cover the stain or it will reappear through the paint even if the leak has stopped. If the leak hasn't stopped from taking care of the things you could see then open up a hole to see where it is coming from.

Is the shower drain has a ubend or straight pipe?

Shower drain goes into a trap under shower. Continue piping from trap to drain line.

How do you know if shower pipe is clogged?

Water won't drain from shower. Either trap or shower drain line is clogged.

What should you do if your shower gurgles when the toilet is flushed and the toilet doesn't always work and you also get a drain pipe leak in your basement when too much water is used at the same time?

First thing you should do is call a plumber. Drain lines are not supposed to leak. Your drain line is clogged and needs to be snaked out and the leaking pipe repaired.

How do you install a tub over a shower drain?

You can't, the shower drain fitting is larger. You must fit a conventional tub overflow and drain

What causes water leak on passenger side floorboard?

plugged evaporator drain tube or the heater core has gone bad

How do you find a link in the shower?

First put a stooper in the drain, then take a 5 gallon pail of water fill the base of the showe let it stand over night and see if anything leaks ( GET THE WATER FROM AOTHER PLACE NOT FROM THE SHOWER) The next day let the water drain this should let you know if it the shower pan /drain pipe. If not leaks then test the grouting by hahing water spashed on it THEN ids still no leak we can explain how to test the shower valve Sylvan Tieger,LMP

What is the size needed for a shower drain?

typically shower drains are 2"

Could bowel movements in the shower plug shower drain?


What causes an oil leak underneath the body in a 1992 Mazda mx3?

A leaking gasket, a leaking filter, or a leaking drain plug....

What is a shower roughen?

A shower rough-in usually refers to the distance from the wall to the center of the shower drain , measured out away from both walls in a shower to the center of the drain. It also maybe referring to the height and the center line of the placement of the shower valve.

How to replace shower fixture?

This depends on what shower fixture you mean, shower head? mixer? tap? shower floor drain?

What are the steps to make a complete shower after the drain is set?

The center of the shower floor where the tile shower drain would normally be positioned ... drain base. After this step the sloped mortar bed should be ... pan liner or membrane in our instructions.

How do you fit a shower drain assembly to a 2 inch shower waste pipe which is about 10 degrees off vertical so that the shower drain will be horizontal in the shower pan?

Possibly a caulked joint ( lead and oakum )

Can you add a shower drain to a tub drain?

NO!!!!!! YES---If you have a two inch drain pipe on your tub. A tub/ shower drain should be 2" in diameter. A shower drain is 2" in diameter. If you have a 1 1/2" tub drain you g to where it ties into your 3" line and cut out the fitting it attaches to add a new fitting for 2" pipe and replumb back to your tub and tie in the shower drain then. If this is a situation where you will be taking a shower while someone else takes a bath i sugget running a separate lin to the main sewer line.

Is the toilet drain pipe a big job to move and can you use a shower drain instead?

This can be a complicated job as the toilet drain ranges from 3" -4" and a variety of materials from Plastic to cast iron to galvanized. Then there is the venting to consider and NO a shower drain CANNOT be used for a toilet discharge as the shower drain is normally 2" diameter

Why does the shower leak when you turn on the bathroom sink?

that means you might have a leak in the pipes or something.

Is there a required minimum pipe size for a shower tub drain?

The required minimum pipe size for a shower tub drain is 1 inch.

The shower drain in a spare bath gurgled when the toliet flushed or the sink water drained When the shower was used it leaked to the ceiling below. Now it does not gurgle -How do we find the leak?

Check you vent stack connection inside the house. Gurgling may have been caused by a clogged vent stack not equalizing the pressure. Now that gurgling has stopped it is getting air. Start your checking there. ----HYPOTESIS The shower drain in a spare bath gurgled when the toliet flushed or the sink water drained When the shower was used it leaked to the ceiling below. Now it does not gurgle -How do we find the leak?

Does homeowners cover a leak in your shower pan?

If the leak was sudden and accidental, they would cover the water damage. They would not cover the shower pan if the leak was caused by age, wear, tear or faulty construction.

Can you install a shower stall over a cement floor?

If you have a drain available. You may need to chip some concrete around the drain to install the bottom half of the drain. With that in place, set the shower over it and the top piece screws into the drain to form a seal. You can build a 2x4 frame and raise the shower up enough to run a drain to a sump or a floor drain.

What is the inlet diameter of a shower drain?