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Lactic Acid

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Q: What causes a painfulburning sensation in muscles after vigorous exercise?
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Why athletes experience a burning sensation in their muscles after vigorous exercise?

It is caused by the build up of lactic acid in the muscles.

What causes a painful burning sensation in muscles after vigorous exercise?

torn muscle tissue

Why do you get a burring sensation in your muscles during exercise?

that burning sensation is the lactic acid building up in your muscles when your muscles produce lactic acid the start to burn thats why you get the sensation

Why do athletes experience a burning sensation in their muscles after exercise?

It is caused by the build up of lactic acid in the muscles.

A warm-up routine prepares the entire body for vigorous exercise but especially the?


Why do your muscles get sor after vigorous exercise?

get big or die trying init is all up to man lol

When people exercise too hard what builds up in their muscles?

Lactic acid will build up. That causes a burning sensation.

Why do peoples heart rates increase when exercising?

During vigorous exercise the heart is moving more oxygenated blood into the muscles, so it has to pump faster.

If you run or ride a bicycle as fast as you can your muscles may begin to feel weak and have a burning sensation Explain what is happening that accounts for this muscle fatigue?

Anaerobic respiration takes place when you demand your muscles to do vigorous work. Normally, aerobic respiration takes place but when energy is needed immediately, anaerobic respiration takes place. During anaerobic respiration, the body produces lactic acid, which leads to the burning sensation. Your lungs deliver oxygen to the muscles much slower than the rate you need, since you're putting your muscles through an extensive exercise, and this leads to muscle fatigue.

What causes muscle cramping after vigorous exercise or repeated movement?

Muscle contraction and relaxation require salts which are lost through sweat during vigorous exercise. This causes some muscles particularly low in these materials to contract uncontrollably, creating a cramp.

Why does exercise make you warmer?

Vigorous exercise boosts your body's heat production and can increase ... Sweating helps to cool you during a vigorous workout. ... As your muscles warm up during your workout, blood circulating ... In hot, humid weather, your body is less able to dissipate excess heat, making overheating more of a risk.

Why do you get a burning sensation in your muSCles during strenuos exercise?

Your limbs burn when you exercise because you are working the muscles hard. Even when your working out, like lifting weight even if its lower than what you can do after so many reps your limbs will start burning because of the muscle.