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What causes a slight squeak while driving which stops when steering wheel is moved?


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Loose alignment is the most likely culprit.

It could also be the servo if your car has got one.


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Check your power steering fluid or your fan belt could be making noise.

possibly a power steering belt or worn brake rotor pad . i suggest buying a ford.

The brakes can squeak, the suspension can squeak, the steering can squeak, the wheel hub/bearings can squeak, have a trusted mechanic determine the source of the squeak.

Follow the steering column down to the floor, there you'll see a u-joint fitting with rubber bushings. Spray there with WD-40 and the squeak will go away.

A squeak in the steering of a 2004 Chevy Malibu is often caused by improper lubrication or worn components. Greasing the fittings will often reduce or eliminate the problem.

Because the clockspring is having a problem

Never heard a shock absorber squeak. Be sure it is mounted correctly.

There is a loud squeak noise and it is hard to turn your car.

Check for looseness or play in the joint Do you hear a "Ping" when shifting from Park- Drive or Reverse? Do you hear a "Squeak, Squeak, Squeak" when driving down the road?

Grease the rubber boot that goes around the steering shaft as it goes through the firewall.

brakes or belts check those first. a bad belt can fool ya

Generally new pads will contain a layer of dust which causes the initial squealing. The squeal should go away after a bit if driving.

Answer: If its a high-pitched squeak, it sounds like the wear sensor on the inner brake lining.

It could squeal, squeak, moan, whine, groan, and leak oil.It could squeal, squeak, moan, whine, groan, and leak oil.

I have a bad sqeak in the front end of my 2001 Escape. I have not found what is causing this issue. But it appears to be something with the power steering. This annoying squeak only happens when I turn the steering. If you find out anything else on this issue it would be a great help.

The squeak possibly could be tierods. My '98 Mercury had a bit of a squeak coming from under the front and I figured it to be just old car sounds coming on. The steering started getting a bit tight and shaky, from there I was told the steering trouble was undiagnosable, but the tirods needed replacement and the squeaking was what alerted them to that. I went to a different mechanic to have that fixed and they told me the steering trouble was definitely related to the tierod. After they replaced that the squeak and steering trouble was gone.

Cars are designed to not squeak. If yours is it could be something minor like a dry sway bar bushing or something serious like a joint is getting ready to fail. Have it checked by a knowledgeable person for your own safety.

I think it is because when you brake and turn at the same time it makes friction and that's what makes the tires squeak.

The squeak is caused by lack of lubrication to the steering bushing. Pull the steering wheel off. There is a rubber bushing that surrounds the steering shaft. Remove the bushing with a thin screwdriver. Once removed clean the bushing and shaft. Then add anti seize lube to the shaft and and bushing. Then use a 7/8 " deep socket to drive the bushing back into the steering housing. Clean and add anti seize lube to the bottom of the steering wheel . Then install the steering wheel.

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