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modulator valve on the transmission.

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Q: What causes a transmission to not shift out on its own in a Ford Explorer - All Models?
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Where is the shift solenoid on a 98 ford explorer?

on the bottom of the transmission

Where is this 4x4 shift motor located at and how do you take it off on a 2002 Ford Explorer?

The shift motor on my 1996 Ford Explorer is located at the end of the transmission, around 1/2 way back on the left side of the under carriage. May be in the same spot for 02 models.

What causes the automatic transmission will not shift?

electronic solenoid

Where is the transmission shift located on a 96 ford explorer?

Mounted on the steering column.

What causes an automatic transmission to fail to up-shift?

a bad radiator -automatic portion of radiator not cooling off transmission

Where is the transmission shift modulator on a 1992 ford explorer?

I believe it is on the passenger side of the transmission ( A4LD ) behind a heat shield

Why won't a transmission shift out of first gear on a 2001 ford explorer?

my 2001 ford windstar wont shift out of first gear.

What causes the automatic transmission to shift hard from first to second gear on a 1999 Nissan Frontier?

A bad transmission gear can cause your 1999 Nissan frontier to shift hard. Low transmission fluid can also cause the transmission to shift hard.

What causes a automatic transmission to shift hard?

Possibly low fluid.

Where is the 2004 ford explorer neutral safety switch?

neutral safety switch is on transmission just below were shift cable connects to transmission

What would cause your ford explorer seem to jerk when stopped at a light?

Transmission reProgramming required. The trans doesn't shift into 1st gear at the correct speed and causes a jerking of the vehicle when approaching a stop

What causes a Volkswagen golf with an automatic transmission not to shift the RMP races after second but it just wont shift?

A seized up transmission can cause a Volkswagen Golf with an automatic transmission to not shift and racing RMPs after second. A worn gear can also prevent shifting.

What are the causes of a car being able to shift to drive but no to the lower gears?

The most common cause for a transmission not to shift into certain gears is low transmission fluid. Another cause is a broken shifting fork in the transmission.

What is a shift control solenoid for a ford explorer?

A Shift control soleniod for a exploer is in the transmission and controls the shift pressures for the trans. When bad you will feel a bang into gears. Very common problem on an exploer.

What causes a transmission with a stall converter to shift slow?

balls. balls will slow shafting

My 1999 S-10 does not want to shift into second gear its an automatic?

There are several causes that an automatic transmission will not want to shift into second gear. The two most common causes are transmission pump issues and trouble with the vacuum modulator.

What causes a transmission to shift hard?

The primary cause of a transmission to experience hard shifting is low fluid. Fluid is the life of a transmission and operates most of its functions.

Why does the automatic transmission in my 1991 ford explorer make a grinding noise when i shift it into reverse.?

The A4LD transmission is the most common failure on early explorers. It's very likely that your transmission is failing.

Where is the Shift solenoid for 1997 ford explorer location?

The shift solenoids are located in the valve body of the transmission. This is inside the transmission pan. You can identify the solenoids using the following diagram:

What would cause a 1994 Ford Explorer automatic transmission not shift into reverse?

clutch plates could be welded to gather

What does the autolock feature do in the 1998 ford explorer?

It locks all the doors when you shift the transmission into gear and release the brake pedal

What causes the automatic transmission in a 1996 gran prix not to shift gears?

could it be low fluid

What causes my car not to shift out of first gear in a 1998 Chrysler cirrus?

Transmission Control Solenoid

What causes transmission not to shift into overdrive?

usually it is the overdrive solenoid, but can be the connector to it, input to the computer, or the computer.

What will cause the transmission to shift hard then not shift up after you come to a stop unless you turn the car off then back on again It is a 2000 Plymouth Breeze?

Have the transmission checked for codes. That will tell you the possible causes.