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I had the same problem in my 95 Lincoln continental and it was solved instantly by replacing the transmission mounts. I haven't had a problem since.

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What cause the transmission to slip on my 1986 300se Mercedes?

It needs to have the transmission rebuilt. Take it to a pro, this is no job for n00bs. Will cost from $900 to $2900 depending on the job you have done, you do get what you pay for though. I was told it is far better to have your existing tranny rebuilt by a qualified mechanic than to have a drop in rebuilt tranny put in. Apparently the rebuilders recycle parts like mad and I have been told by a mechanic that the drop in ones sometimes are worse than the ones they removed from the car to begin with, so bear that in mind when making your choices.

What is a rebuilt transmission?

It is a transmission that was broken,but is now fixed with new parts.

Is mercon and type F fluid compatible?

No. Type F and mercon have different friction factors. The only acceptable time to substitute one for the other is if you have had a transmission rebuilt and the mechanic recommends it.

92 vigor im having your transmission rebuilt your mechanic says that you also have to have the tur converter replaced What is that?

The torque convertor acts as an automatic clutch for the transmission. If you are replacing the transmission, I would recommend replacing the convertor too, especially if the trans fluid is burnt or contaminated. If you have a manual transmission, run, there is no torque convertor :)

What would cause your 1998 Accord with a rebuilt automatic transmission to not go into gear?

The transmission could have been rebuilt improperly, or the linkage could have been reinstalled incorrectly.

You have an 1990 Chevy with an auto transmission and you were wondering if you have to change the whole transmission if you only blow the reverse gear?

reverse gear going out is a good indication the rest will go out soon. yes you need to change entire transmission, or have your transmissin rebuilt. a mechanic will not just rebuild reverse .it will be complete rebuild or replacement

Is there something you can add to the transmission to stop it from leaking?

No, thay have never made anything in a can that will fix something. If you add stop leak to your transmission it will mess up the seals and you will have to have the transmission rebuilt. It would be best to just fix the leak and a whole lot cheaper.

Is it common to have automatic transmission problems in a 98 Maxima SE?

I had one. I had to have the transmission rebuilt. Nightmare!!

Where does a person find a rebuilt transmission for a 1997 Ford Aspire?

Look in the phone book under Transmission and call around. Usually if they take out a tranny that can be rebuilt, they will do so and sell it Phil

What transmission is in a 1985 econoline van?

The 1985 Econoline Van has an automatic transmission. The transmission can be rebuilt by any licensed transmission shop or purchased new.

Transmission problems iehigh rev when driving merc c180 auto?

Your transmission is slipping and needs to be rebuilt.

How long should your rebuilt transmission last?

50,000 miles is usually the average for rebuilt trannys in my experience. Of course there are exceptions like driving it the right way, etc and also getting a good mechanic. But i think 50k is about what you will get. A new tranny direct from the dealer is the better bet. It will cost you an extra $1,000 but it worth it

What is the avg price of installing a rebuilt transmission for Chevrolet van 2500?

You are looking at a price close to $3,000 for the installation of a rebuilt transmission on the vehicle. The amount will vary depending upon who does the service for you.Ê

We had transmission rebuilt in a 1997 4wdTahoe transmission place says something could be wrong with the transfer case Should that have been included in the transmission rebuild?

The transfer case....or '4 wheel drive'(front wheels)....is a completely different beast. The transfer case can be rebuilt for about $1000. Just had my transfer case rebuilt for just under $1k.

Why does your 1992 GEO Tracker automatic transmission slip gears?

because the transmission is going out, it need rebuilt or replaced

How much will having my transmission fixed on a mercury cougar?

I paid $1600. CDN for a rebuilt transmission on a 1990 xr7.

What would be your problem if you just had your transmission replaced in a 1994 Concorde and your car wont shift out of first gear when your check engine light comes on?

Hi, My '94 Concorde problem started exactly as you are describing. A total rebuild & 4 trips back to the shop & it's still not right. Found out that the transmission was replaced with a Chrysler Dealer rebuilt transmission years ago . Talking to the mechanic who rebuilt this transmission, he found out that the transmission was from an Intreped & not a Concorde. Don't know weather you are the original owner but this might help a little. They really had some big problems with transmission. You need to find out what code is being set, then you can diagnose.

What is the cost to replace a transmission in a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Well, It depends. Do you want a rebuilt transmission or a good used transmission? Are you doing the work yourself or hiring a mechanic for the labor? A rebuilt transmission (in my experience) will cost you more money than a quality used one. A used transmission shouldn't cost you more than $300-$400. If you replace it yourself, you will save yourself at least a few hundred bucks. I believe it will cost you about $200-$300 just to pull the old transmission out and put the new on in. Then there is the transmission fluid that needs to be replaced and filter that should be replaced but not required. That's $30 for the fluid and filter and about $30-$60 added to the labor costs.

How do you flush a transmission filter on a 1998 Mercury Mystique?

1995 Mystique automatic 4 cylinder probably has a Ford CD4E transmission with an internal filter that cannot be changed without a major disassembly of the trans. which makes it impractical if not impossible for a home mechanic or fast lube shop to do. Either get your transmission rebuilt or replaced while you have it out and save yourself some grief.

Can you rebuild a Honda engine after it has overheated?

Yes, any engine can be rebuilt unless the block is cracked. Just because it overheated does not mean it will needs to be rebuilt. Have it inspected by a tructed mechanic.

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