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What causes a whistling sound from under the hood when gaining speed on a BMW 3-Series?

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You could try a new alternator and check fan belt tension.

2007-06-19 11:35:51
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What causes the whistling sound fireworks make?

The whistle sound is produced by the movement of air through the tube.

What causes a whistling sound in a Camry Toyota after turning off engine?

The Camry could have a vacuum leak. If there is a vacuum leak, then there can be a whistling sound until the vacuum system is full of air.

What causes a whistling sound when driving but stops when the brakes are pressed?

The whistling sound made by your car could be caused from brake dust. Another reason may be from a bad wheel bearing that needs to be replaced.

What causes a whistling sound by the front wheel while driving?

Possibly a bad wheel bearing.

What make whistling sound or what vibrates when you're whistling?

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What causes a whistling sound when idling but stops as soon as you press the gas?

Your engine probably has a vacuum leak

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What causes a whistling sound when the heater is turned on?

It's a sign that the blower motor is going to give up. It could sound like that for a whole year before it does completely.

What causes the whistling noise in fireworks?

The whistle is produced when the oxidizer and an organic salt burn a layer at a time and emit gas in spurts. When the compounds are contained in a narrow tube, the pulses of escaping gas produce the whistling sound.

What is the reason of whistling sound?

when my bike stand outside at 60°c a whistling sound comes from fuel tank cap. could you tell the reason?

What is the difference between whistling and singing?

Singing is when you use real words and whistling is when you make a hard sound by a whistle

What causes a car to whistle when you accelerate?

Generally, when a car whistles on acceleration, it indicates there is a leak on the intake manifold, causing the engine to suck air which makes the whistling sound Car whistling sound may be audible due to a leak in the vacuum line or a gasket. The whistling noise changes with the acceleration of car. To resolve this problem check your engine gasket and vacuum line with a mechanic to find the leakage.

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What is responsible for the whistling sound in the fireworks?

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Why is there a whistling sound in the twin turbo diesel engine of a 2011 land cruiser?

The whistling sound is the turbochargers at work.. The turbines inside the turbos creates the whistling sound as the exhaust gasses pass by each blade of the hot turbine and the cold turbine blades drive air into the engine.

What causes a whistling noise in a 1992 Honda Civic that goes away only when the clutch pedal is engaged?

A throwout bearing can make a whistling sound- really more of a chirp than a whistle. Unfortunately, it sounds like you are in for a new clutch assy.

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It can very well be a symptom of asthma.

What is responsible for the whistling sounds that accompany fireworks?

When the compounds are contained in a narrow tube, the pulses of escaping gas produce the whistling sound

What could whistling sound be coming from front tire area on Honda crv?

Is it a "whistling" or a high pitched squeeling sound? If squeeling, it could be the signal that the front brake pads are in need of replacement.

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Singing water pipes can be caused by air that is trapped in the pipes. The air can cause a whistling or singing sound, or it can cause the pipes to knock or rattle.

There is a weird sound when you step on the gas pedal like a whistling sound?

Sounds like a turbo/intercooler.

Why is there a Whistling sound when i start the car?

sorry to tell you this but your turbo has shot it

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