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Start with basic tune-up items, such as wires, plugs and check the compression. Make sure to check the diagnostic codes using a code-reader. Often the computer already knows what's wrong.

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Q: What causes an extreame bucking problem in my Pontiac Transport van especially on up hill grades?
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What causes an extreme bucking problem in your 1995 Pontiac TranSport van?

One cause would be a cold spark which means you have either a loose coil wire or a bad coil.

What causes an extreme bucking problem in my 1995 Pontiac Transport van especially on up hill grades?

It may be a lean condition caused by a old O2 sensor. If there are no trouble codes then I would: replace O2 sensor, make sure that the air filter is clean, and the motor has good wires,cap,rotor, and plugs. I hope this helps you, Mark Change the fuel filter. This worked well after 2 summers of this behaviour. I'm getting ready to do it on my second Transport also. Sheila

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