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a bad thermostat is one cause , second the water pump may be defective, and last you may have a engine block problem , first change the thermo stat and put in a new gasket with the thermo stat , but also , if this doesnt work check the little sending unit in side of engine block on the side of engine for it could be sending fake readings to your temp unit in dash board , if you install a new sending unit and a thermo stat and gasket , then the sending unit in dashboard is bad , providing your water pump is working !

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Q: What causes any engine to run hot?
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What causes a 1998 Pontiac transport to run hot and engine shuts down?

What causes a 1998 Pontiac transport to run hot and engine shuts off

If timing is off will it cause engine to run hot?

yes this will cause engine to run hot

What causes a 2001 Lincoln ls to run hot?

What causes 2001 to run hot while going down the road

What causes a 2004 4.8liter Chevrolet silverado truck to run hot?

what causes a 2004 4.8liter cheverolet truck to run hot

What makes it run hot?

There are several possible causes for an engine to run hot. It could be low on coolant. The thermostat could be stuck closed. The engine cooling fan is not coming on. There is a blockage in the water jacket, or a problem with the water pump. It could also be a combination of those problems.

What causes your engine rpm to raise when hot?

When your motor warms up your oil, gasoline, and transmission fluid; it helps your motor run free

What causes a head gasket on a car to blow?

Anything that causes the engine to run hot, like a faulty thermostat, can cause the head gasket to blow. also say a coolant hose ruptures, all the coolant is then drained from the radiator and the engine is then essentially running with no way to cool down, gasket blows. there are many ways for the engine to run hot, but it is the main reason a head gasket would blow out.

Should the fan run while car is running or only when engine is hot?

Generally when the engine is hot or the AC is on.

Does a 4.3 engine run hot 2002 blazer?


What cause engine to run hot on a PT cruiser?

Normal causes are low coolant and an inoperative radiator fan.Normal causes are low coolant and an inoperative radiator fan.

Run hot turn on heat run cool why is this?

The heater has a little radiator in it and it may be enough to cool a engine that is running hot

Why would your engine die on long trips during the summer with the AC on?

There can be many possibilities. Check for the below: a) Your A/C compressor is faulty and putting a heavy load on your engine, which causes the engine to run hot. b) Your valve adjustment is incorrect. c) Fuel pump stops working when hot. d) ignition coil weakens when it becomes very hot.

What happens to the efficiency of car engine if the muffler is removed?

Any engine needs back pressure to run efficiently. That is what the mufflers do, they create back pressure. So, by removing the muffler(s), you have stopped the back pressure, which in turn causes the engine not to run efficiently.

Is it ok to put water in a 2000 diamante instead of coolant?

never in any car,water evaporates,causes rust and will run hot

Can a bad catalytic converter make an engine run hot?


What causes an engine to shut off when key is turned off?

Electrical circuit is broken. No electricity and the engine will not run.

Can blown fuses cause the motor to run hot?

simply having a blown fuse would not cause the engine to run hot. But, it depends on what fuse is blown. a fuse blown for the cooling fans would make it run hot.

What are run lights?

For an engine to run on the tracks without any cars.

Would a radiator for a v6 cause a 350 engine to run hot?


Why does Car runs hot when air conditioner on?

The ac unit is a tax on the engine to run. This is true with all vehicles. Having the ac on will make the engine work harder to run the ac compressor. This makes the engine run hotter.

How hot should an engine run?

Depends on the engine, but 180 or 190 is a pretty common temperature for a thermostat to open and release coolant from an engine.

Is cold air better then hot air for a cars intake?

Yes,cold air is way better than hot air because cold air makes the engine run and perform better giving you an increase in power and fuel economy.It causes the engine to work slightly less harder than hot air passing through the intake.You will notice a difference when you have cold air entering your engine.

How hot does a motorcycle pipe get?

That's all down to how hard you run the engine. They can get glowing hot up by the exhaust ports.

Why does a lawn mower run hot?

Considering that it is probably a motorized one. Yes. Anything that has an engine can more then likely get hot.

How hot does a typical engine run?

Typically between 80 and 90 degrees blud