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What causes engine afterrun?

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Usually some carbon deposits are left clinging to the combustion chamber surfaces, these deposits are red hot and ignite fuel/air mixture after the ignition is turned off. This could be caused by letting the vehicle idle excessivly long or only using it for short low speed trips. some times it may be caused by too rich of a fuel/air mixture. If it is carburated, if the idle is too fast it will cause it to diesel.

2004-07-16 09:56:27
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What causes engine failure?

There are four causes of the engine failure. The four causes of the engine failure includes engine overheating, lubrication problems, misassembly , and detonation.

What causes an engine to shudder?

No gas in the engine

What causes low engine oil?

engine burning oil

what causes my corola dx wagon with a 5e engine to ping?

what causes my corola dx wagon with a 5e engine to ping

What causes the thrust of an airplane?

The engine causes thrust, it moves the aircraft.

What does engine failure cause?

Your question is sort of backwards, perhaps you meant what causes engine failure? Engine failure causes...the engine to fail. If someone told me their engine failed I would take it to mean that it stopped running, or wouldn't start.

What effect does excessive revving have on your car engine?

Excessive revving of an engine causes overpressure in the crankcase. It causes unhealthy expansion in the pistons and the valves.

What causes fuel in the engine oil?

Bad piston rings. Get new engine.

What causes engine oil to become milky?

this is usually engine coolant leaking in

What causes a car engine to turn over?

The starter turns the engine over.

What causes an engine to spin backwards?


What causes an engine miss?

Bad wire

What causes the engine overheat light to come on in a 1994 Cadillac eldorado?

The engine is overheating.

What is it that makes a car engine work?

Combustion is the chemical reaction that causes a car engine to work. It is produced by fuel combining with oxygen which causes pressure and heat to turn the crankshaft of the engine. This essentially gets all of the parts of the engine moving.

How does friction harm the engine of a car?

It causes corrosion of the metal forming the car engine . That`s why we use lubricating oil. Also friction causes the engine temp. to rise which can cause the car explosion.

What causes a 1998 Pontiac transport to run hot and engine shuts down?

What causes a 1998 Pontiac transport to run hot and engine shuts off

How do you repair engine codes P0136 and P0141?

There are several possible causes for the engine codes P0136 and P0141. Some possible causes for P0136 are oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, or intake air leaks. Possible causes for P0141 are the engine control module and the oxygen sensors.

What causes an engine to burn oil?

The typical causes are worn piston rings or valve guides.

What causes nose dive on a car?

The wight of the engine

What causes engine light to blink?

Misfire detection.

What causes air flow into an engine?

Atmospheric pressure

What causes the check engine light to come on in a Toyota Sienna?

Low fluid levels in engine.

What force causes a car engine to get hot?

The combustion process cause the engine to heat up.

What causes a loose engine block and can it be repaired?

it is not a cracked engine block it is just a loose block

What are the causes of damage of diesel engine exhaust Valve?

one of the causes is bad low quality fuel