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All drive-by-wire cars (starting from 1995-2013) has an EPC light. EPC stands for Electronic Power Control which is controlled by the ECU (Engine Control Unit). This is a computerized hardware device with software to control all sub modules in the car that is connected by either an OBD II (on-board Diagnostics II) or Can Bus (Controller Area Network). Any input from these sub modules on the drive-train can activate the EPC circuit especially if the reason for sending its signals to the ECU, could cause damage to the engine. For example, if the car runs out of oil, or if the emissions exceed the prescribed level ect.... the sensor will send a signal to the ECU which will activate EPC circuit, cut power to the engine (limp mode). Limp mode signifies there is a problem and should be investigated. If not fixed, the EPC can ause the engine not to start unless corrective action is taken. See EPC solution at

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What is causes which makes the EPC light switch ON?

what causes the EPC light or messasge to appear on mercedes s320 1995?

Is there an easy fix for the EPC light on a vw?

what causes the epc light to go on 2006 vw beetle

EPC light on?

The EPC light comes on when there is an issue with the electronic power control or drive by wire. The only way to know what is causing it to come on is to have it connected to a code reader. Many auto part stores will pull the codes for free.

What is the epc light for Skoda octavia?

what does epc mean on the dash bord of a skoda ovt mean

2000 vw jetta vr6 EPC light goes on and off while driving what are possible causes or solutions to this problem?

An EPC warning light in a VW indicates a problem in the powertrain control system. This can be one of 17 faults, including lack of messaging between the powertrain and various systems. It can also indicate a performance control problems, or a malfunction of the EPC.

What is epc light?

This the engine management system warning light.

What causes the EPC warning light to come on occasionally on your 2001 Volkswagen Jetta 4 cylinder gas?

My epc light came on because of battery failure. My battery was acting funny and barely starting the car. I went to autozone and had them check my battery which ended up having a bad cell. I replaced the battery and the car easily started up. After the car started the light never came back on.

How do you turn off epc light?


EPC light golf 5 gti?

why my epc lights turned on my car GOLF 5 GTI? why my epc lights turned on my car GOLF 5 GTI?

Why is the epc light on on mk4 golf?

You have to get a new brake light switch!

What causes the epc light to come on on 2001 jetta?

EPC means Electronic Power Control (aka; Drive by wire) it means there is no throttle cable, it's all electronic. It can be illuminated by any error that has to do with this system. Use an OBD II tool or VAG-COM cable to check the error codes. If you must, you can go to the dealership :(

Epc light comes on in your seat ibiza?

The EPC light came on today on a 2001 Seat Ibiza, along with the car's lock suddenly locking. After 3 or 4 efforts, we figured that the problem was solved unlocking the car using the key while the engine was on (the electronics on the car always blocked when the EPC came on). After that the EPC light switched off. I hope you can solve the problem this way.

What causes battery light to come on On a 98 Ford Expedition?

what causes the battery light to on a 2005 ford expedition to come on?

What is the EPC light for on a GTi Mark 5 Is it save to drive?

My EPC light is currently permanently on. The dealership told me that they need to check the computer and reset something but it's perfectly safe to drive until I get it fixed.

Why is the epc light showing on vw polo 05 and brake lights have failed?

abs light stays on

What is EPC in a Sharan?

EPC means Electronic Pedal Control. Volkswagen uses an electronic system, not just a cable running from the gas pedal to the throttle, to control engine speed. It would make implementing cruise control REAL easy, if nothing else. If you have an EPC light on...that's the car's Check Engine light.

What is an epc?

Your epc light came on in polo there is smoke belching out engine what is going on?

If the EPC light came on in a Polo and there is smoke coming out of the engine, there is a problem with an electrical circuit somewhere. EPC stands for Electronic Power Control. Perhaps an electronic sensor on the motor shorted out. It is also possible that the entire fuse panel inside the engine compartment has shorted out.

Why does epc light stays on for my vw jetta?

The epc light in your VW Jetta could be on for many reasons. Your VW Jetta may need a new brake light or it could need an O2 sensor. The best thing to do is take it to a mechanic so they can properly diagnose the problem.

What causes a security light to come on?

motion of anything

In tender what is the meaning of EPC?

Epc companies in Qatar?

i need a epc companys in qatar

What causes the service emissions system light to come on on Ford Escape?

There can be several causes for the service emissions systems light to come on in a Ford Escape. The light can indicate an 02 sensor is out or it can indicate an exhaust leak.

How do you reset the Malfunction Indicator Light on a 2003 Honda Accord?

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