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Try doing a tune up. Change sparplugs,wires etc.

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Q: What causes hesitation and misfiring during acceleration in 95 honda accord ex?
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What causes engine hesitation on acceleration in a 1996 dodge Dakota?

It is important to have a well working car while on the road. The lack of fuel getting to the engine would cause hesitation on acceleration,

What causes hesitation in acceleration on vw jetta vr6 2.8l?

There are many things that could cause hesitation on acceleration in a vehicle. It could be the fuel pump, the gas pump, fuel pump relay, or an electrical problem.

What causes hesitation upon acceleration in Ford?

Could be accelerator pump if carb.Could be a "sloppy" timing chainIt also may be a misfiring spark plug or two. This answer depends on the conditions of the hesitation. There are many possibilities. or it could be a vacuum line that may be sucking in air or your distributor may not be advancing upon accelerating causing the vehicle to fall on its face

What causes a Pontiac Bonneville to jerk during acceleration?

One of the possible causes of a Pontiac Bonneville to jerk during acceleration is that the car needs a tune up. The engine misfiring can lead it to jerk as you accelerate.

What causes a 2003 Honda Accord to have a metal grinding noise on acceleration?

wheel bearing?

What causes car acceleration problems?

Mabey you are low on gas or mabey a ring of som sort for ex: Piston ring

What causes hesitation and bucking on F150 truck?

what causes hesitation on ford f150 truck

What causes a 1995 Buick Lesabre to hesitate during acceleration?

A bad o2 sensor can cause this problem in a car. A bad fuel pump, fuel filter or fuel line will also cause hesitation during acceleration.

What causes a Volvo to move slowly from a stop or from turning a corner while accelerating then after several seconds the acceleration kicks in?

Lack of info Hesitation causes: Fuel filter, injector/s dirty, ignition problems are places to start

What causes hesitation while driving?

mobile phones

What causes 1998 Mercedes C230 with slow acceleration and hesitation?

check vacumn tube lines for cracks or of vacumn lines are back of engine, right side, by computer modules.

What causes a car to jump when it is idle?

Timing belt. misfiring engine

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