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What causes low iron?

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This answer shows a full list of all the diseases and conditions listed as a possible cause of Low blood iron by various sources. Acute Blood loss Blood test shows falsely decreased iron levels - e.g. error in collection or storage Breastfeeding Chronic Blood loss Chronic haematuria Chronic haemoptysis Colorectal malignancy Decreased acidity in stomach (hypochlorhydria) Decreased dietary intake Gastric malignancy Gastritis Gastrointestinal bleeding Hookworm Infancy Inflammatory bowel diseases Medications causing decreased stomach acidity Menstruation NSAID/aspirin use Parasites Peptic ulcer Pregnancy Puberty

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What causes your blood count to be low?

Low Iron in the blood and Anima are common causes.

What might you infer from low amount of iron in your blood?

Low iron in the blood causes Anemia.

How horrible is it to be low on iron in your body?

An iron deficiency results in anemia. An excess of iron causes hemochromatosis.

Does low iron cause anemia?

It causes a type of Anemia called Iron - Deficiency Anemia.

What causes a low blood count?

A lack of iron tends to result in low blood count.

What Causes of low white blood count in children?

Not getting enough protein from meat, reduces the iron intake, which causes the problem

What causes you to be anemic?

when you are constantly feeling weak and get tired from doing nothing. It's when your low on iron!

What causes a decreased hematacrit in a premature infant?

Premature babies are prone to develop iron deficiency anemia because of low iron reserve.

What causes a low iron count?

Just had full blood couunt nooow have to have serum feritton test why

Does a low amount of iron in the body cause low energy and a loss of appetite?

i think the loss of apetite is the reson that you have a low amount of iron in your body not the othert way around Iron defitiency causes loss of energy, becoming very distracted in class, alotof spacing out ,anemia ,and sungy nails . i think the loss of apetite is the reson that you have a low amount of iron in your body not the othert way around Iron defitiency causes loss of energy, becoming very distracted in class, alotof spacing out ,anemia ,and sungy nails .

Can you die from low iron?

well,i have really low iron and i am not dead. low iron..(anamia) will cause you to be very very tired and,no you will not die from low iron.(:

Why do iron particles rust more in coastal areas?

Salty air, high ratio of moisture and relatively low temperature causes iron to rust quicker.

Why does your tongue get sore when you have low iron?

because the tongue is a muscle. Low iron causes the hemoglobin (what binds oxygen to red blood cells) to be low. This leads to the muscles not getting enough oxygen. When muscles do not get enough oxygen they tend to ache and cramp easily.

What are the four causes of anemia?

the causes causes of anemia are low production of red blood cells, rapid destruction of red blood cells, iron deficiency, and much loss of blood.

What are causes of low iron and high sugar levels in a 55 year old man?

Most commonly diet.

What causes low iron saturation?

Iron is a very important component for our body growth. Deficiency of iron is known as anemia. This can be caused due to lesser intake of iron in diet. Women are mostly prone to iron deficiency during pregnancy. Low iron saturation may indicate a need to increase your iron intake. Supplements for iron is another option but it should be taken under guidance of medical experts.

What happens when you have too little minerals?

1) Low sodium chloride causes Hyponatremia.(Extra cellular compartment) 2) Low potassium chloride causes Hypokalemia. (Intro cellular compartment) 3) Low calcium ions causes Hyocalcemia.(Extra cellular compartment ) 4) Low magnesium causes Hypomagnesemia. ( intro cellular compartment ) 5) Low iron causes Iron deficiency anemia. 6) Low Iodine causes Hypothyroidism. There are other trace element like Chromium,Manganese, (Iron ) Cobalt,Nickel,Copper,Zinc. (Why are they sitting in a row in periodic table ? ) and few others like molybdenum. These trace elements are integral part of various enzymes in body. (So with Sodium you have Calcium and with Potassium you have Magnesium. Please , refer there position in periodic table )

You have gym and how can you get a excuse for your low iron?

I think you should be albe to get a excuse for your low iron cause I know how it is i have low iron to and its hard to do things.

What is a blood disease caused by low iron?

Iron-deficiency anemia is low red blood cell count due to low iron.

Can low iron cause problems?

Iron is in the blood, so if there is a low percentuage of iron in it, it can cause anemia.

What disease is associated with iron?

Low iron is associated with Anemia. I have low iron (low hemoglobin) levels. It is called being anemic. It is usually fixed with taking iron supplements.

Do low iron causes you to have diarrhea?

It can very often. It's iron that helps us metabolize food. An extremely anemic person could have a very serious case of diarrhea.

What causes low red blood cells?

Anemia has multiple causes, the most common of which are 1) iron deficiency anemia, and 2) blood loss anemia. There are many, many other causes, as well.

Low serum iron is seen in?

Low iron levels can be seen in patients with anemia or chronic disease. Mostly people with chronic kidney disease will have low iron levels. Iron deficiency anemia is another condition with low iron levels. This can be treated with iron supplement. Fatigue and weakness is the most common symptoms people present when they have low serum iron levels.

Why low serum iron and iron saturation but normal hemoglobin and hematocrit?

waht is the sideeffects of low iron serum....

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