What causes only one side of the face to flush during or after exercise and is this a serious condition?


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2005-03-29 22:24:34
2005-03-29 22:24:34

hmmm.. i`m thinking that rosatia [can`t spell it] might be a cause or it`s the same thing with a skin breakout - it doesn`t have to happen allover. i don`t exactly know so this isn`t the BEST advice but ehhh.. it`s a start =]


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During exercise, the muscles need the extra blood supply more than the kidneys do.

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During resting- 60-100 bpm During exercise- 75-140ish if heart rate is a lot faster, it could indicate a serious heart condition called tachardyia,but if the childs heart rate it not to much higher or lower than average it shouldn't matter, if it is a lt lower than average it could be bradycardia. a serious condition, deadly.

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During exercise our blood circulation speed increases. It effect in amino acid and a molecule ATP which causes muscles to increase strength.

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During exercise our muscles contract and relax faster then in normal condition wihich means that muscle cells demands more oxygen which led to the increase in the blood circulation and so the breathing rate become increased during exercise

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