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hmmm.. i`m thinking that rosatia [can`t spell it] might be a cause or it`s the same thing with a skin breakout - it doesn`t have to happen allover. i don`t exactly know so this isn`t the BEST advice but ehhh.. it`s a start =]

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โˆ™ 2005-03-29 22:24:34
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Q: What causes only one side of the face to flush during or after exercise and is this a serious condition?
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What causes muscle soreness during exercise?


What causes loss of water and salt during exercise?

You sweat it away.

What causes blood flow to decrease to kidneys during exercise?

During exercise, the muscles need the extra blood supply more than the kidneys do.

What substance causes muscle ache during strenuous exercise?

Lactic Acid

What causes retention of CO2 in blood during exercise?

your bent d*ck

What is a normal heart rate for 11 year old girls?

During resting- 60-100 bpm During exercise- 75-140ish if heart rate is a lot faster, it could indicate a serious heart condition called tachardyia,but if the childs heart rate it not to much higher or lower than average it shouldn't matter, if it is a lt lower than average it could be bradycardia. a serious condition, deadly.

What causes hard muscles to ache during hard exercise?

buildup of lactic acid.

What molecule increases in the blood during exercise?

During exercise our blood circulation speed increases. It effect in amino acid and a molecule ATP which causes muscles to increase strength.

During exercise why do you breathe faster?

During exercise our muscles contract and relax faster then in normal condition wihich means that muscle cells demands more oxygen which led to the increase in the blood circulation and so the breathing rate become increased during exercise

What are the causes of rash and fever during pregnancy?

Causes are same whether you are pregnant or not. But if this happen to be rubella ( German measles), then it is very serious disease.

Why does blood flow change during exercise?

During exercise the muscles use more oxygen, this causes more capillaries to open, which allows more blood to return to the heart, which raises the cardiac output.

What causes the muscle sorness during exercise?

A buildup in lactic acid is the culprit. This buildup only occurs when anaerobic exercise, such as sprinting and weight lifting, is performed.

What are the causes of side stitches?

There are quite a few causes of side stitches such as lack of oxygen. Your body often gets side stitches during exercise.

What causes muscles to ache during hard exercise?

Lactic acid is formed by anaerobic respiration, and builds up in the muscles.

Does physical activity causes miscarriage?

No, exercise is very good for you during pregnancy and does not cause miscarriage. Some say it does but that is a myth.

What causes muscle cramping after vigorous exercise or repeated movement?

Muscle contraction and relaxation require salts which are lost through sweat during vigorous exercise. This causes some muscles particularly low in these materials to contract uncontrollably, creating a cramp.

Is brown discharge any serious disease related to vagina as it causes itching during discharge?

Depends which hole it comes out of.

Should your heart skip beats during exercise?

Skipped heartbeats during rigorous exercise can occur for several reasons. First, if you do not properly warm up the cardiovascular system and begin intense exercise, your heart may skip. Additionally, pushing yourself beyond your fitness level may cause a skipped beat. Caffeine, which stimulates the nervous system, sometimes causes skipped heartbeats during workouts. It is always best to discuss your questions with your physician to rule out any underlying problem, but most skipped heartbeats are not serious.

How does inspiratory reserve volume change during exercise?

it decreases during exercise

What causes lactate threshold?

Lactate threshold is caused when lactate production exceeds lactate clearance during exercise or increasing intensity.

What causes muscles to ach during hard exercise?

its just a lack of protein!! have more grains meat and egg(without yoke) !!

If you wheeze and can't breathe and have sharp pains in your side after and during exercise is that asthma?

Not necessarily. You should see a GP who will be able to diagnose your condition.

What happens to your pulse rate during exercise?

Your pulse rate increases during exercise.

What causes pain and fatigue in muscles when exercise?

When you are exercising you are tearing muscle fibers. When they heal it is what makes you stronger. That is the pain you feel during and after. When you exercise you become fatigue, just rest up for the next workout.

What are the complications from herpes?

Herpes rarely causes complications. The exception is that infection of a newborn during birth may lead to serious illness and death.