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I have an 89 240sx and had the same problem. After replacing the air filter, tune ups, and the fuel filter, i still had no luck. Then i checked the connectors on top of the fuel injectors and found them extremely corroded, I cleaned them and it has almost fixed the problem. To fix completely you need to get new ones if they are corroded, and maybe even some fuel injectors.

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โˆ™ 2008-02-14 15:48:40
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Q: What causes power loss hesitation on a 240sx 1.8T at 4500 to 600 rpm problem is worse when cold and full throttle?
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Where is the TPS on a Nissan 240sx?

Your TPS will be located on the throttle body.

Will an AEM short ram intake for a 1993 240sx fit a 1990 240sx?

It will fit if you cut it but as-is it will not attach to the throttle body. The 1989-1990 240's have the KA24e (single cam) and the 1991-1994 240's have the KA24de (dual cam) the throttle bodies are in different positions.

Where is eccs located on Nissan 240sx?

On the 1989-1990 240sx with the KA24E single overhead cam engine the E.C.C.S. is located on the top left side of the engine behind the throttle body and on top of the intake manifold.

Fix reverse lights 240sx?

No problem, bring it in first thing in the morning and i will get right on it......

Is a 1995 Nissian 240SX Engine compatible to 1992 Nissian 240SX?

Is a 1995 Nissian 240SX Engine compatible to 1992 Nissian 240SX?

How do you change a starter on a 1996 Nissan 240sx?

BY getting an Honda all your problem will go away Aman.

Where is the throttle position sensor located on a 91 Nissan 240sx?

On the right side of the throttle body (where the intake piping meets the engine) you will have to disconnect the hose clamps that hold the plastic piping to the throttle body to get a clear view. I would also suggest removing the throttle body as a whole to replace the throttle position sensor its held on by 4 hex screws. The sensor plugs into the engine harness right ubove the intake piping; its a fat grey clip with 3 wires attached to it

93 Nissan 240sx mph gauge not working?

cluster is broken. common problem with 240sx. Buy a new instrument cluster and have your local auto body shop install it for you. I had it done. costed me $130 for the cluster and $80 to install.

Will a 1992 ka24de 240sx engine fit in a 1989 240sx?


Will a 91-93 240sx bumper fit on an 89 240sx?

Yes, late model bumpers will fit on 89-90 240sx

How do you adjust the throttle position sensor on 1992 Nissan 240?

There is a lot of great info to help you work on your 240sx on this website: especially in the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section. Go to and click on Throttle Position Sensor DOHC and you will find your answer.

Will a 92 240sx motor work in 95 240sx?

Sure it will, they are the same motor.

What was the first year of the Nissan 240sx?

The Nissan 240SX was brought to America in 1989.

What is the 240SX wheel offset?

15x6" +40mm for all 240sx 15" wheels.

Will tein coilovers from 1998 240sx fit on a 1996 240sx?

Yes they will, no modification needed.

Will a 91 240sx radiator fit in a 95 240sx?

it will fit but you need to modify the mounts.

Can you use a brake booster for an automatic 95 Nissan 240sx on a manual 240sx?


How do you fix high idle problem on a 89 240sx?

If your idle was fine and then just became high, don't adjust the idle control screw. Your problem would be indicative of another issue. Perhaps a vacuum leak. turn the idle control screw to the left ... no neither of those.....your are getting air that is accounted for by the mass air flow sensor....there for its either a) throttle plate not closing or b) idle air controller stuck open.

Does a 1989 Stanza engine KA24E work with a 1989 240sx?

Well if you look at the 240sx you will see that although the engine size is the same KA24E the engine on the 240sx is SIDEWAYS.

Will a 1992 240sx transmission fit a 1989 240sx motor?

Yes the two transmissions are interchangeable.

Where can you find a free schematic Nissan 240sx?

From the dealer or search google for 240sx FSM, there at the end of that

Will the doors on a 1996 240sx fit on a 1992 240sx?

no, they will not fit. they are 2 different body styles

Will a 1990 Nissan 240sx gas tank fit a1995 240sx?

No it will not, they are 2 different designs.

What is the Thermostatic Air Cleaner for a 240SX?

No 240sx has a thermostatic air cleaner, only an air filter

How do you create a non pop up headlight for a 1992 Nissan 240sx?

The problem is with the 240sx , a.k.a the s13 silvia , you will need something along the lines of a onevia kit , so basically you will need the bumber , lights m the headlight motor and wiring , go to your local body shop and ask what they can do , and also try to find a local wrecker with some parts from a 180sx or a 240sx onevia.