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What causes sound?

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Vibrations cause sound. An object that vibrates causes the media around it to compress in a certain frequency. If the frequency is in the range of the ear, it comes across as sound. Vibration causes all sounds. Vibrations travel in waves, and these waves hit our eardrums and set them into motion. The signal is sent to the brain, which is interpreted as sound,

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I genuinely don't have a clue

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What causes sound waves to travel through air?

the vibration of the particles of medium of the sound waves causes the sound waves to travel

What causes the buzzing sound of honeybees?

The wings flapping very fast causes the buzzing sound of bees and wasps.

What causes sound energy?

sound energy is caused by vibration.

What causes reverberation of Thunder sound?

the large obstacles and tall buildings etc causes the reverberation of thunder as it reflects sound and also causes multiple reverberation.

During a thunderstorm you see the lightning followed by the sound of the thunder What causes the delay between the light and the sound?

Light travels much faster then sound. That is what causes the delay.

When a player blows into the instrument by using the reed what causes the column of air to produce a sound?

The reed causes the column of air to vibrate. The vibrating air is what causes the sound.

What is the type of motion that causes sound?

Vibration in a substance creates sound.

What causes the systolic sound?

the systolic sound is caused by ventricular contraction

What are the names of three instrument that causes sound?

It was the beautiful sound of a trumpet...

What causes a high sound compared with a low sound?

The difference in pitch.

What causes the lub sound?


What causes sound waves?


How does foam turn sound into heat?

Sound is a vibration travelling through the air. When it hits foam, it causes the foam to vibrate, which in turn causes friction. The friction causes heat.

What is the source of energy for sound wave?

That varies, depending on what causes the sound waves.

What causes a sound wave to form?

When matter vibrates it sends out a sound wave.

What causes the sound that comes from the voices?

The air being expelled from the lungs causes the vocal cords to vibrate, making sound. You can alter the sound by relaxing or tightening the muscles attached to the cords.

What causes the sound that comes from the guitars and piano?

Both guitars and pianos have strings. Striking the strings causes them to vibrate, which makes the sound that you hear.

What causes static sound on a TV?

Because sometimes the universe is shaking, and that is what causes it.

Why the speed of sound depends upon temperature?

Temperature causes sound speed. Sound speed is increasing with temperature.

What causes a crackling sound in the lungs?


What causes a humming sound in my ear?


What causes a humming sound?

A humming bird

What causes sound to have a loud pitch?

The Frequency

Which property of sound lead to formation of an echo?

reflection of sound is the property which causes an echo........

What is the interpretation of sound in sound engineering?

it is when two things collide and that is what causes interpretation energy