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It may be simply the ABS working if it happens when the street is wet. If not go to the dealer and he can read codes the

ABS has set.

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Q: What causes the ABS light to go on from time to time when the brake is pressed and the car lunges on a 1992 Corsica?
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What causes hissing noise to come from brake pedal on 2005 ford escape when it is pressed down noise stops?

Sounds like the power brake booster is bad. Get it checked out.

When foot brake is pressed which light must come on?

The brake lights.

How do you fix a brake line on a 96 Corsica?

The brake lines on a 96 Corsica can be fixed by replacing damaged sections with new lines. This will improve braking and prevent catastrophic failures.

Why do brake lights on your 1978 Ford Fairmont come on when brake is pressed lightly but when pressed harder lights go out?

Probably a faulty brake light switch or the brake light switch is installed incorrectly.

When the foot brake is pressed wich light must come on?

the brake light

What factors affect the speed of a car?

Whether or not the brake and/or gas pedals are pressed, how far they are pressed, & for how long.

How do you grease a brake caliper on a 1995 Corsica?

There are four steps on how grease a brake caliper on a 1995 Corsica. Some of the step-by-step instructions are purchase a silicone-based lubricant, locate the pins and boots, and then take the pins out.

How does the pedal brake work?

The brake pedal itself swings on a pivot when pressed, pushing a piston through the fire wall into the master cylinder. Forcing brake fluid through the brake lines into a proportioning valve, then into the brakes themselves, bringing the vehicle to a stop. As soon as the brake pedal is pressed, it activates a switch that turns the brake lights on.

What would be the problem if when pressed the brake brake pedal clicks?

nothing it could just be the tail lights coming on.

When the foot brake is pressed which light come on?

bas esp light

Where is a brake light switch on a Nissan?

The brake light switch on a Nissan is located just behind the brake pedal. It sends a signal to the brake lights when the pedal is pressed to turn them on.

Why does your brake make a whoosing noice when pressed it sounds like its looosing air?

The vacuum brake booster is going bad.

How do s cam air brakes work on a school bus?

The brake chamber extends a rod out when the brakes are applied. This causes the S-cam to turn. The brake shoes are seated on the S-cam with rollers which roll along the countour of the S-cam as it rotates. When they reach a high point on the S-cam, they are pressed against the brake drums. This causes friction, which brings the vehicle to a stop.

What is causing the brake lights not to work unless the brakes are fully pressed on 1989 cougar?

adgust the brake light switch at the brake pedel under the dash

How do you reset the brake light switch on a 92 Chevy Corsica?

You can try to reset your brake light switch by unplugging the brake light switch and plugging it back in. If that does not solve your problem you will need to replace the brake light switch.

Will a car skid if accelerator and brake are pressed at same time?

What do you mean by "Skid"?

When the foot break is pressed which light must come on?

The rear brake lights.

What would happen if you pressed the brake and accelerator in a car?

you would spin in a circle

When the foot brake is pressed which light must come on?

2 red stoplights.

What causes the brake lights not to work on a Chevy corsica and the turn signals not to work have changed flashers also relay?

Check bulbs they are double filamented smaller for brake/ turn signals Check the sockets for corrosion Check for power and ground to sockets Could be a problem in the steering column switch

Dash lights comes on when brake is pressed and third brake light comes on with park lights?

wrong bulbs or bad earth

Why are ABS and brake lights on in a 1996 Chevy Corsica?

Bring to a shop that has an ABS scanner to determine the problem

Can you tell me what brake pads are?

Brake pads are the pads that sit on top of the rotor that when the brake pedal is pressed the brake pads squeeze the rotor and the car stops. Signs that they need replacing are if you hear squeaking when pressing the brake pedal.

What causes a whistling sound when driving but stops when the brakes are pressed?

The whistling sound made by your car could be caused from brake dust. Another reason may be from a bad wheel bearing that needs to be replaced.

What could cause the brakes and brake pedal to stick when brake pedal is pressed?

Check around brake pedal for something rubbing. If OK, I'd look into the master cylinder.