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door switch is bad or dirty try spraying with wd40 or replaceing.

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Q: What causes the interior lights to stay on and the buzzer to keep alarming in a 1993 Pontiac Grand AM?
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What causes the Miata dash buzzer to go off?

If the buzzer goes on whenever the key is in and buzzes continuously, it may be the airbag system (SRS) or an electrical problem in the SRS sensor.

What causes sparking in an electric buzzer?

The buzzer work with a magnetic coil that attractes the armature thus interrupting the current. This happens repeatedly to cause the buzz. When the current is interrupted the action of the coil produces a voltage that tries to maintain the current, and that causes a spark between the switch contacts.

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What causes a 1998 Pontiac transport to run hot and engine shuts off

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What causes a 1997 Pontiac sunfire gt with a 2.4 liter engine to stall when stopped at a light

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Check your owners manual to see how to fix your headlights. If you do not see an answer you could check with your local dealer.

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What causes the door locks to not work from the inside and the interior lights not to come on?

Check a fuse called "courtesy" or "Interior" or something like that. It depends on the auto manufacturer.