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Pinched wire under the dash near the brake pedal assembly.

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Q: What causes the radio and all inside lights to shut off for a split second and the RPM and mph hand to go down when pushing on the brakes in a 1997 Pontiac Firebird?
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What causes the Stick shift bounce up and down on 1991 Pontiac firebird?

check the transmission mount for being bad.

What are possible causes for a 1997 Pontiac boneville to squeal or chirp besides the brakes?

A slipping belt or some kind of air flow problem..

What causes a 1995 Pontiac Firebird not to go into gear unless the car is off when the slave cylinder is full and a new clutch kit has been installed?

you have air in the lines bleed the slave

What causes cars to slow down?

the brakes or the emrgen see brakes

Why do my 1998 Pontiac grand am brakes flutter when i apply them?

Brake rotors or drums need to be machined or replaced. If it causes steering wheel shaking, check front brakes. If happens when applying parking brake look to rear brake problem.

What causes a 2003 Pontiac grand am gt not to start with shifter in park?

transmission shift bolt loose try pushing gear shifter all the way back to park

What causes something to not accelerate?

the brakes

What causes ABS brakes to be spongy?

ABS brakes are not spongy. If you have spongy brakes the reason is that there is air in the system. You need to have your brakes bled.

What causes the headlights on a 95 firebird to stop flipping up?


What causes a box you are pushing across the floor to stop when to stop pushing?

Static Friction

What causes a box you are pushing across the floor to stop when you stop pushing?

Static Friction

What causes a grinding sound in brakes?

your brakes are about to give out... you should go to wal-mart and have them replace them

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