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This Could Be Because The Belt Needs Tightening Up. Check The Tention Of The Belt. If It Doesn't Need Tightening Then Check The Powersteering Fluid. Regards Mark

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Why is there no power steering in my mercury villager at start up in cold weather?

There is no power steering in a Mercury Villager at start up in cold weather due to a failing pump or low fluid. Fluid becomes much thicker in cold weather and is much harder to pump.

Why dos mercury react to weather?

Mercury doesn't react to weather.

What are the weather condisions like on Mercury?

Mercury has almost no atmosphere and as a consequence does not have weather.

What does a weather value measure?

Weather Value measures the amount of weather that is happening.

Does Mercury the planet have weather patterns?

The planet Mercury does not have weather patterns just wild temperatures.

Are there weather systems on Mercury?

No, because Mercury has no atmosphere.

What is the weather on Mercury at night?

there is no atmosphere so there is no weather

Are there storms in Mercury?

No. Mercury has virtually no atmosphere and thus no weather.

Why is your 2002 jeep wrangler squeeling in cold weather at start up?

It could be your serpentine belt.............or your power steering pump. Start your car and open the hood and try to isolate the squealing........ How long has it been since your serpentine belt was changed? If you can't remember, spend a few dollars and replace it. It may stop the squealing. Even if it doesn't, you haven't lost have gained peace of mind your belt won't break and leave you stranded now. If it isn't your serp belt, look at your power steering pump and fluid.

What is mercuy's weather like?

* The Weather on Mercury is Moist and Foggy

What weather is happening at Hanukkah?


What is weather like on Mercury?

Extremely hot as Mercury is the closest to the Sun

Distinguish between climate and weather?

Climate is the general trends of weather and environment for a location.Weather is the kind of weather happening now.

Why is a weather satellite important?

they are important because they see all of the weather happening on the earth

What planet has no atmosphere or weather?


Have there been any problems with the weather on Mercury the planet?

Mercury has no atmosphere to speak of, and therefore it has no weather.

What is the mercury column in a mercury barometer rises or falls with changes?

Pressure tendancies measure short term weather. The mercury in a barometer will rise with atmospheric pressure denoting fairer weather and a fall in barometric pressure warns of inclement weather.

Where does most of the earths weather occur?

Weather is the generalzation of the changes in amtmosphere, temperature, moisture, presssure, etc. Everywhere, this is happening so the world has lots of weather. I would ask a more specific question pertaining to a specific kind of weather because there is different weather happening everywhere.

What is the weather on the planet Mercury?

No weather. No atmosphere either.. No chance of storms or clouds

What is the weather like in mercury?

very hot!

Is there weather on Mercury?

No because it is to small to have a atmosphere

What is the difference between Climate and Weather?

The difference is that climate is weather that's happening over a long period of time. Weather happens like it's happening right now or it happens one day or another, weather isn't like one year or more.

Weather conditions of Mercury the planet?

Mercury doesn't have weather because it doesn't have very much of an atmosphere. It does have days, nights and temperature changes though.

What is the wheather on the planet Mercury?

The weather of Mercury is burning hot!! Its very very hot!

What is the difference between weather and climate'?

The difference is that climate is weather that's happening over a long period of time. Weather happens like it's happening right now or it happens one day or another, weather isn't like one year or more.

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