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What causes urine specific gravity to be high?

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It is usually high with dehydration.

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How would dehydration affect the specific gravity of urine?

In case of dehydration the urine is concentrated so specfic gravity is high.

What conditions favor kidney stone formation?

Prolonged high specific gravity, which is the measure of concentrated urine. A condition that causes this is prolonged dehydration.

What are the symptoms of diabetes insipidus?

low urine specific gravity, high blood concentration, glycosuria, and polydipsia

What does it mean when a urine test states you have high urine content?

If you mean like high amount of urine: Polyuria. If you mean like high amount of particles inside the urine: High specific gravity = your urine may have high levels of glucose, protein, bilirubin, urobilinogen, or/and a lot of mucus, crystals, bacteria, and tissue/blood cells.

What is a high specific gravity?

A weight that means it will sink in water. Water has the assigned specific gravity of 1. Something with a higher specific gravity will not float in water.

Do diabetics have a high or low specific gravity?

A person's glucose control is completely unrelated to his specific gravity.

Mineral that exhibits high specific gravity?

Pyrite and galena are two with high specific gravities.

Why would a canned tomato puree with high specific gravity usually be more expensive than one with lower specific gravity?

It must be thickerer. Therefore, it must take more tomatoes to make the "high specific gravity" type.

What is specific gravity of high speed diesel?


What causes high tide?

The gravity of the moon or sun.Or both which causes Spring tide.

Causes for high monocytes?

When you drink too much urine, it causes an increase in monocyte levels

What is the specific gravity of grape juice?

it depends on from how high you drop it...

Why dolomite has high specific gravity than limestone?

It is denser.

What is the alcohol content in high gravity?

High gravity generally refers to a high starting sugar content or dissolved solids in a beer prior to fermentation. The more sugars, the higher the specific gravity reading on a hydrometer, thus "high gravity". To know the alcohol content of a specific beer requires knowing the original gravity (OG) prior to fermentation and the final gravity (FG) after fermentation is complete. A high gravity beer could have a high alcohol content but you need to know starting and final gravity to actually determine alcohol content.

Is galena heavy for its size?

Yes, galena has a high specific gravity

How does water move from high altitudes to specific waterways?


What does a high or low specific gravity of urine signify?

Increases in specific gravity (hypersthenuria, i.e. increased concentration of solutes in the urine) may be associated with dehydration, diarrhea, emesis, excessive sweating, urinary tract/bladder infection, glucosuria, renal artery stenosis, hepatorenal syndrome, decreased blood flow to the kidney (as a result of heart failure), and excess of antidiuretic hormone caused by Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone. A specific gravity greater than 1.035 is consistent with frank dehydration. Decreased specific gravity (hyposthenuria, i.e. decreased concentration of solutes in urine) may be associated with renal failure, pyelonephritis, diabetes insipidus, acute tubular necrosis, interstitial nephritis, and excessive fluid intake (e.g., psychogenic polydipsia).

Is lapis lazuli high density?

Lapis Lazuli (Lazurite) has a specific gravity of 2.4, not particularly high.

What causes high urine temperature?

Urine is the same temperature as the body it leaves. If the person has a fever, the urine will be a higher temperature. This is why there is a temperature gauge on the outside of a sample bottle.

What causes daily high and low tides?

The moon and earths gravitational pull (gravity)

What causes a pool to spread out wide instead of filling up high?

Because of gravity.

What causes the tides on earth to occur?

with the gravity of the moon, thats why we have high & low tides

Does gold float or sink?

Gold, because of it's high specific gravity (19.3) will sink. Specific gravity is the indicator of how many times heavier than the same quantity of water.

Gravity from the moon and sun affects the ocean?

Yes, that effect causes the Tides (high and low).

What causes the water to cycle?

The gravity of the moon pulls the oceans and makes low and high tides.

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