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Probably sheer age. There are two things that can leak in the areas you refer to. First of course is that valve cover gasket. If it is leaking its no great challenge to replace it. If you are not mechanically inclined then take to to a competent garage and have it done. Of more difficult note is the camshaft seal which is at the top of the engine and a bit more difficult to replace. Once again you will probably want to have that done at a good garage. Best of luck.

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Q: What causes valve cover gasket to leak near the timing chain cover of a 1990 Geo Metro?
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Name of a timing chain gasket seal 1996 dodge ram1500?

Timing chain cover gasket

When changing timing chain gasket on 350 Chevy do you have to change the pan gasket?

yes you have to change the pan gasket when doing the timing chain

Can the Timing Chain Cover Gasket leak coolant?


How do you change a head gasket on 1998 Saturn 1.9l?

Removal of the timing chain cover, timing chain, and head are needed

What causes the timing to flutter in a landrover discovery1994?

The timing chain follower is worn causing a slack condition in the chain. the chain oscillates and so does the timing.

Does a Mazda b3000 have a timing chain or a timing belt?

Yes I believe it is a timing chain as i am replacing mine tonite and it was cheap 73.00 Canadian don't forget gasket set

What happens when a timing chain cover gasket goes bad?

it leaks oil

Does the timing chain have to be removed when changing head gasket?

Although I am not a certified mechanic....hell or even a mechanic , I would say no unless the timing chain is in the way of the gasket replacement, you should be able to on most motors replace header gaskets without the removal of the timing chain. ( timing chains are usually involved with the cam/rod repair and or replacement and such)

How do i Change the head gasket on a 95 Saturn?

you must remove the timing chain and head. This will then give you access to the head gasket

How much is it for a timing belt for a 99 Chevy Silverado?

That engine doe's not have a timing BELT. It has a timing chain and gears. The chain and gears are about $60.00 the gasket is about $12.00 and the Labor would run about $150.00.

What is a timing cover and gasket?

Typically, "timing cover and gasket" refers to timing chain (vice timing belt) equipped vehicles. Timing chains need oil from the engine for lubrication. To make this happen, there is an opening between the timing chain area and the valve camshaft area. The oil the flows into the timing chain area, then down into the oil pan. In order to keep the oil from spraying all over the rest of the engine (and having the engine break down from oil starvation), a metal 'timing cover' is installed over the timing chain and sprockets. Then, a 'gasket,' made of a soft, oil resistant material, goes between the timing chain cover and the engine block to prevent any leaks. The timing cover is bolted to the engine block and the bolts tightened to a specified torque.

What causes the timing to jump on a 1978 Dodge 318 motor?

Worn timing chain.

Do you need to change the timing chain when you replace the head gasket?

Not likely. Most timing chains never wear out, and on most engines you do not have to touch the chain to remove the cylinder head.

Do the timing belt have to be replaced when replacing the water pump on 2000 durango v8 5.9l?

A Dodge Durango does not have a timing belt. It has timing chain. If the timing cover chain gasket is leaking it is normal to change it while changing the water pump.

Why is oul leaking from your 1992 explorer?

bad engine seal timing chain cover Valve covers Bad oil filter gasket Bad oil sending unit Head gasket bad engine seal timing chain cover Valve covers Bad oil filter gasket Bad oil sending unit Head gasket

Oil is dripping from bottom of timing chain cover on 94 suzuki sidekick?

chang your gasket

Can a car engine leak water from the timing chain cover gasket?

Yes, if there is internal leak.

Does a 2001 Chevy Metro have a timing chain or belt?

Chevy Metro 2001 (1.3 L) has a timing belt - hard driving conditions require its replacement at 60,000 miles, otherwise the timing belt replacement is scheduled for 100,000 miles.

Just rebuilt has water in the oil?

Possible cause is a leaking head gasket or timing chain gasket if the water pump mounts to the timing chain like on a ford 302 cid You probably are leaking into the crankcase through the headgasket. There is a slight possibility that the block is cracked.

Does blown head gasket on 2000 jeep Cherokee affect the timing chain in any way?

no it would not

How do you replace the timing belt on a 1998 Nissan sentra?

You don't have a timing belt, you have a timing chain..(that's for the other foreign automaker...that charge way to much at the lot..but are way too cheap to give you what you pay for.) you timing chain is located under you valve cover gasket, you would have to remove it in order to get at the chain.

What causes the timing mark to jump back and forth a couple degrees when you are checking ignition timing?

A sloppy worn timing chain.

Does a 1999 dodge dakota have a timing belt?

No, it has a timing chain.No, it has a timing chain.

Where are the marking for the timing chain on 1997 Mercedez C280?

Need to know where the timing marking are on a 1997 Mercedez C280? I'm doing a head gasket job.

Is it possible for a timing chain cover gasket to be leaking antifreeze and why?

It is possible and if it is you have a serious problem. Seek professional help.