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Loss of energy to a colder material. Ice forms at 32°F /0° C.

As water cools, the natural movement between the molecules slows until it changes to a solid state (just as it boils to gas if they become too active). This movement doesn't completely stop until the material hits "absolute zero" at -460°F /-273° C. (0° Kelvin).

That's about the temperature "in the shade" in outer space.

A more interesting question would be, "why does water expand when it freezes?" The H - two - O molecule forms a triangle (with the O in the middle).

As it cools, the angle formed by the two H's gets larger. At around 36°F /2° C , the shrinking space between molecules gets overwhelmed by the expanding size of each molecule.

So, for those last few degrees before freezing, the overall volume gets bigger instead of continuing to decrease.

That's what causes potholes in roads (water settles into cracks, then makes the crack larger as it freezes). It's what damages the eaves trough around your roof, breaks leaves down into topsoil and splits boulders in half.

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Q: What causes water to freeze?
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Why does salt water not freeze?

Saltwater does freeze. The salt in the water causes its freezing point to decrease greatly, so it must be at a colder temperature to freeze. However, it will still freeze.

What causes water to freeze instantly?

A super duper freezer

Why do pipes burst in winter?

some times when temperatures go really cold in winters it causes water to freeze and as the water in pipes starts to freeze, the expansion that takes place when water freezes causes pipes to break

What causes antifreeze to come out the overflow?

when your engine is hot it causes the water to boil and the water and the anti freeze will come out of the overflow pipe.

How long does it take sugar water to freeze?

When sugar is placed into water during freezing it decreases the amount of water molecules. This causes the freezing temperature to decrease, making it take longer to freeze.

What causes water to change its form?

Its the change in a temperature. If its cold water might freeze and make an ice cube.

Does plain water or salt water freeze quicker?

Plain water freezes quicker than salt water. Salt is a heating element, which is why it is often used to melt ice. This property causes water that has salt in it to freeze at a slower pace.

What effect causes water to freeze and plants to grow into the cracks in rocks?

cracks open wider

What causes water to condense and become clouds?

well a little chemical called chloraform goes into the air causes the evaporating water to turn into fireballs but its too cold for the fireballs and they freeze and turn into water

What causes salt to melt water?

Salt lowers the freezing temperature of water/ice therefore the water/ice needs to be colder then usual to freeze.

When the cells of the most organisms freeze they burst which property of water causes this to occur?

water is less dense as a solid than as a liquid

What kind of water can't freeze?

there's no kind of water can't freeze. sorry actually there is water that cant freeze running water and water falls cannot freeze

Why does water freeze instantly?

Water does not freeze instantly..

Does salt water freeze?

Salt causes water to freeze at a lower temperature. In fact, any substance dissolved in water lowers its freezing point. The oceans do not freeze (except in extreme polar areas) because of the salinity (i.e. concentration of salt). When you do see ice in the ocean, it is actually frozen fresh water that has risen to the surface.

Why is the sun is the most important part of the water cycle?

It is heat from the sun that causes water to evaporate. Without the sun all water on Earth would freeze.

Why lakes are more likely to freeze than the sea?

A solution of salt in water has a lower freezing point than that of pure water. Presence of salt in the sea water causes a lowering of the freezing point. Lakes are mainly fresh water which will freeze at a higher temperature than sea water. Which means a fresh water lake will freeze over before the sea will because the temperature needs to be much colder to freeze sea water because of the salt dissolved in the sea water.

What force causes rocks to break into smaller and smaller pieces?

This force is know as water. water will slip into the cracks of water and in the winter the water will freeze. Since water expands when it freezes, this causes the cracks to get bigger and bigger until the rock breaks apart.

What water will not freeze?

Sea water will not freeze.

What freeze faster salt water or water?

Water will freeze faster than salt water.

What substances can freeze?

Water can freeze

Does skim milk freeze faster that water?

water freeze faster

How will water freeze?

water will freeze when it is at its freezing point which is 0 degrees

Can you freeze pineapple?

You can freeze anything with water in it. Pineapple does have water, so if you drop the temperature low enough, it will freeze.

What causes vinegar to freeze?


Can you freeze-dry water?

Water cannot be freeze-dried. Water turns to ice when frozen.