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This is simply caused by excessive blowby. In short, this engine is worn out.


AnswerAssuming it's not on fire... I would replace the pcv first, if smoke persist open radiator cap, with engine running (cold of course) see if radiator bubbles. also look for oil on the bottom of radiator cap or pull dip stick and check for water in oil, the oil will appear to be milky looking. if none of these factors as long as none of these factors, you more than likely have a high mileage engine as long as your not sucking oil into the intake run it. start saving your money for a rebuild or sell it soon.

PCV opening: Engine gasses getting by the pistons. (Blow by) If there's alot of it, it's time to rebuild. Alot is subjective.. Some fluttering is normal. Positive pressure or a continuous stream is not.

AnswerIs this with PCV in place? If so, PCV system may be plugged, not removing blow by fumes.

= if you getting wite or grey smoke from valve cover etc, you have water in your engine this is caused by a blown head gasket get it fixed before you crack the head

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Q: What causes white or gray smoke to come out of the valve cover PVC opening and hose to the air cleaner?
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