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What changes has President Truman done for US public?

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Is President Truman a hero or a villain?

He did what had to be done to win WWII.

What was true of the desegregation of the armed forces under President Truman?

One thing that is true of the desegregation of armed forces under President Truman was that it was done by executive order.

How soon after becoming president did Truman get breifed on an atomic bomb?

He knew about the preparations and tests done since he was the Vice President of the US.

What was true of the desegregation of the armed forces under president Truman apex?

it was done by executive order - apex

What was true about the desegregation of the armed forces under president Truman?

help me im in apex!

Which president was responsible for the last major renovation of the white house?

The last major renovation took place when President Harry Truman realised that the works must be done.

Did the president Truman make the correct decision in using the atomic bomb?

Yes....and any real person would have done the same thing

Is this a good thesis statement President Jackson was a powerful president he controlled most everything that was done during the Jacksonian Era he made many changes during his time as president these?

Not at all!!!!!

What happens if the president pees on himself in public?

Then he will be embarrassed. Boom done that's it. I bet you could answer that question yourself

What could President Truman could've done instead of the Atomic Bomb?

He could have invaded Japan. But this would have cost more American lives and would have taken a long time.

What did the national security act do?

The National Security Act of 1947, which was signed into law by President Truman, restructured the intelligence and military agencies within the U.S. government. This was done after World War 2.

Why did Franklin D. Roosevelt change his running mate Vice President during his relection bid in 1944 to Harry Truman?

I would think it was done to pull the democratic vote out of missouri and the south.

What are the project of president Aquino done?

i think the president Aquino done to his project is NONE !

Where is mining done in Panama?

It is done in a public place

Who was the first president to propose a health care system?

Harry Truman in the 1948. He was the first to sign on to Medicare when it was passed in the 1960's. At least he got to see that passed before he died. It is time we got this done.

Were Hiroshima and Nagasaki legitimate military targets?

Nothing done in war could be considering right. President Truman had his opinion and all took all the blame on the issue. The Japanese were planning to spread a plague in the United States.

Give any good four reasons of damage done to the cities of nagasaki and hiroshima in World War 2?

President Truman stated that he needed to end the war and to collapse Japan's means to make war ever again.

What did President Nixon do that no other president had done?

He visited China.

What were Teddy Roosevelt assumptions about the proper role of government especially with regard to economic concentration?

President Teddy Roosevelt thought the President should act as a "steward of the people." He felt that the president should be able to do whatever needs to be done for the public good as long as it wasn't illegal.

The U.S. implemented the Truman Doctrine by doing what?

One of the most significant outcomes of the Truman Doctrine was the Vietnam War. The Truman Doctrine dictated that communism must be contained at all costs. Had the U.S. not been so terrified of the spread of communism, it would not have tried so hard for so long to defeat the Vietcong army. However, I think the answer you may be looking for is the Greek Civil War. President Truman gave 300 million dollars to the Greek government, to help them fight the communists in their own country. This was done in May 1947, and the Truman Doctrine had been introduced just a few months earlier, in February 1947.

What did Elizabeth Gillies have done to her face?

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How long did George Washington die after he was done being president?

After being done with being president he died after 10 years.

What is the main difference between private worship and public worship?

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What has the president done that affected me?

the president must have played tricks on u

Who was president at the time of the teapot done scandal?

President William Taft