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This you would need to discuss with your doctor. I do know that (personal experience) that yellow cheeses can cause diarhea.

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Q: What cheeses are not safe when pregnant?
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Can you eat mascarpone when pregnant?

Yes. Mascarpone IS safe to eat during pregnancy. brie, camembert, blue veined cheeses and a list of others, are NOT.

Is it safe to eat blue cheese while pregnant?

It's not reccommended to eat soft cheeses or pate whilst pregnant as they could contain listeria (a type of bacteria) which is potentially harmful to the baby

What cheeses are safe to eat during pregnancy?

They must be made from pasturised milk, and should not be 'moldy cheeses'; no blue cheeses or stiltons etc...

Is it safe to eat unpasteurized emmental Swiss cheese while early pregnant?

It is generally not safe to eat unpasteurized foods and soft cheeses during pregnancy so I would suggest that you find a substitute.

Is it safe to eat Pavlova when pregnant?

Yes, if it is fresh. Usually the dangers associated with food in pregnancy are in relation to raw eggs and certain soft cheeses. Since the egg whites used in pavlova are cooked, it should be safe.

Is missionary safe while you are pregnant?

Yes it is safe because your already pregnant

Is it safe to eat gorgonzola cheese while pregnant?

It is recommended to stay away from blue cheese, gorgonzola and many other soft cheeses. Most of them carry listeria, which can be harmful. Here is a good article from Fit Pregnancy about what foods are safe and which are not. Pregnant women are advised not to eat soft, mould-ripened cheese. Gorgonzola can sometimes cause harm to an unborn baby. Talk to your doctor about the risks of soft cheeses and which types to avoid during pregnancy.

Can you eat gorgonzola when pregnant?

You CAN eat Gorgonzola cheese when you are pregnant but it is not recommended that you eat any soft cheeses. I know blue cheeses are high on the do not eat list. I think you can get listeria from eating it which is very dangerous for an unborn baby.

Is nifuroxazide safe for pregnant women?

is nifuroxazide safe for pregnant weomen

Is diprospan safe for pregnant women?

yes is safe for pregnant woman in

Is Decolgen tablet is safe for pregnant women?

yes it is safe for pregnant..

Is sterilized milk safe for pregnant women?

Yes. It is safe for pregnant women.

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