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What cheeses are not safe when pregnant?


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2005-04-07 03:57:28
2005-04-07 03:57:28

This you would need to discuss with your doctor. I do know that (personal experience) that yellow cheeses can cause diarhea.


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It is best to avoid blue cheeses when pregnant.

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Yes. Mascarpone IS safe to eat during pregnancy. brie, camembert, blue veined cheeses and a list of others, are NOT.

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It's not reccommended to eat soft cheeses or pate whilst pregnant as they could contain listeria (a type of bacteria) which is potentially harmful to the baby

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They must be made from pasturised milk, and should not be 'moldy cheeses'; no blue cheeses or stiltons etc...

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It is generally not safe to eat unpasteurized foods and soft cheeses during pregnancy so I would suggest that you find a substitute.

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