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First adjust Alkalinity to 80-120 ppm then adjust Ph to 7.2-7.6 then add enough chlorine to water to get about 8 ppm.circulate for 24 hrs then vacuum keeping an eye on your filter pressure and backwashing when necessary before swim season is here add liquid chlorine and 60% algacide to your pool that way when season arrives your pool should be less yucky!!!!!! There is nothing worse than have a green mess when you open your pool so here are some good tips for making it a smooth transition. The advice I am offering is based on the idea you are using a sand filter other systems would be different. First and most important DO NO DRAIN THE POOL no matter how tempting it is if the liner is exposed to the sun to long it WILL shrink and you will be buying a new liner. Second, brush the walls then wait about an hour for things to settle a little. Third, make sure there are not a lot of leaves or large debris at the bottom of the pool. Use either a leaf rake or leaf bagger (aka leaf eater) to clean the bottom of the pool after this is done wait about an hour for things to settle again. Forth, Vacuum the bottom of the pool manually to WASTE. There should be a position on your multiport valve that is marked either waste or drain. Set your vacuum up as you would normally and put the valve in this waste or drain position and vacuum the pool. You will be draining water out of the pool so fill it up to the very top of the skimmer and keep adding water while you vacuum. Fifth, Refill the pool and then start the filter. Sixth, Shock the pool hard. Use 3 pounds of calcium hypochlorite per 10,000 gallons of water, MIX THIS UP IN A 5 GALLON BUCKET ONE POUND AT A TIME THEN POUR THIS MIXTURE INTO THE POOL WITH THE PUMP RUNNING. Overnight this should turn the pool to a lighter shade of green. Seventh, next day take a water sample to you favorite local pool company for the next step in correcting the problem. Enjoy your pool when it is clear and blue again! Guru of Pools @ Discount Pool

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Q: What chemicals should you use when starting an uncovered above ground pool that is green and yucky?
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